In the new trading month, the transaction volume dropped by 76%. This year’s low price is short-term, and the short-term is difficult to twist.

Developers have added new offers to stimulate buyers to enter the market. The results have been slightly improved. In the past two days (10th and 11th), the first-hand market recorded about 40 transactions, a record high of nearly 4 weeks, but it did not help the new sales this month. Big. Affected by factors such as the decline of Hong Kong stocks and the Sino-US trade war, combined with new trading records and market news, only about 152 first-hand transactions were recorded in the first 11 days of this month, a 76% decrease from the 642 cases in the same period last month. The volume of transactions in the same period of the month was the lowest. Some people think that the overall property market is in a weak atmosphere and there are no large-scale real estate sales. This is a very bad start for the new market this month. It is expected that the whole month will have a chance to fall to about 1000 levels.

Haigwan Bay builds 24,000 crown oil ponds

In the past two days, there has not been a large-scale new disc sale. The market has focused on Jiujian (00034), which is a large-scale bidding method. The project has been sold in a large-scale bidding mode and has been added to the standby high-yield mortgage to stimulate sales. On the 10th, 134 people were sold, 13 groups were sold on the same day, and 17 people were sold in two days. The cash is nearly 100 million yuan. It is the crown of new sales in the past weekend. The transaction price is as high as 24,000 yuan, creating a new high in the region. Yang Congyong, general manager of Jiujian City Marketing and Sales Department, said that yesterday, a group of buyers spent 16 million yuan to purchase two adjacent sea view units in the middle of the 20th floor, including a 264 square meter and a practical area of ​​391 square meters. The price of the households is 24,269 and 24,366 yuan respectively. It is expected that the price of the high-rise units in the future will reach 28,000 yuan.

Five real estate projects of Wheelock Real Estate launched a total of 73 people yesterday after launching a payment plan of 1088 days for about 3 years. According to the developer, Tseung Kwan O MONTEREY sold 8 gangs a day, cashing over 80.6 million yuan, increasing the number of units sold to 772, and cashing over 7.62 billion yuan.

OASIS KAI TAK, the same department in Kowloon East, has sold 55 parking spaces and 10 motorcycle parking spaces on Saturday. 43 motorcycles were sold on the same day. The parking spaces of the motorcycles were all cleared up and the cashiers were over 146 million yuan. The cash is over 226 million yuan.

Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong), a brand of Tuen Mun, has been selling 559 bales since last month, and has cashed over 3.5 billion yuan. Zhou Minghao, director of Vanke Hong Kong Marketing and Customer Relations Department, pointed out that the project plans to launch a Christmas concession in a short period of time. Among the units that have been launched, there are still less than 100 groups for sale, ranging from 2 to 3 rooms. There are also a small number of flats and special households; the bungalows are expected to be sold in the form of existing buildings in the second half of next year.

Deploying Christmas offers at Wat Wong

Mr. Zhou said that the property market in Hong Kong is affected by a number of external factors, and there will be volatility in the short term, but it will maintain healthy and stable development in the long run.

The new market sold about 40 gangs in the past two days. Compared with the previous weekend (3rd and 4th), only about 9 transactions surged about 3.4 times, a new high of nearly 4 weekends, but it was not helpful this month. The overall sales of the new disk. According to the transaction record and market news, the new disk in the first 11 days of this month was only about 152, which was a sharp drop of 76% compared with the 642 in the same period of last month. It also fell below the 172 lows in April this year. Calculated in the first 11 days, the month with the lowest volume of new trading this year.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman of Centaline Property Asia Pacific, analyzed that the stock market was unstable this month, and there was no big new sales. The “starting" was very poor. Although the atmosphere showed signs of recovery in the past week, second-hand trading increased, and the first-hand transaction was over the past weekend. Slightly rising, but not helping this month’s sales. Chen Yongjie believes that under the breeze, the volume of new trading will fall from about 1,100 cases in the whole month to about 1,000 levels (about 9%) this month.