Huangpu 2 rooms 6 million higher position 25%

A number of blue-chip housing estates have fallen to the level of the beginning of the year. The two rooms of Hung Hom Whampoa Garden are $6 million, and the higher ones are down by 25%. The three rooms of Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai are reduced by $9.35 million to $5.35 million. After the price cut, the market has begun to take over. The 10 big housing estates rebounded in two days.

Second-hand property prices have bottomed out. The transaction price of blue-chip housing estates has dropped. The first transaction in Huangpu Garden recorded this month. Yuan Xian-an, manager of the third branch of Zhongyuan Real Estate Huangpu, said that the housing estate has a 7-story top floor with a usable area of ​​389 square feet and a price of 730. Ten thousand yuan, a substantial reduction of 1.3 million yuan, a reduction of about 18%, to 6 million yuan, the average price of a practical area of ​​15,424 yuan, the property price returned to the beginning of this year.

The original owner bought the unit in 1.75 million in 2006, holding the goods for 12 years, the book profit was 4.25 million yuan, and the unit appreciated 2.4 times. It is reported that the top floor unit elevators are not available, so the seller is also willing to broaden the bargaining space. Whampoa Garden recorded 4 transactions in October, with a practical price of $16,500, which shows that the price of the just-changing unit has been further lowered.

Another blue-chip car park, Tianshuiwei, Jiahu Villa, a net 3-bedroom unit was released in September. The total price of 14 yuan was reduced by about 930,000 in two months. Lin Yilun, manager of Xiangyi Real Estate Branch, said that the unit is Jiahu. Room C, 11th Middle Floor, Jinghuju, has a practical area of ​​551 square feet.

10 big estates two days 6 deals

In September, the unit price was 6.28 million yuan, and the total price was 5.35 million yuan. The practical price was 9,710 yuan. According to the data, in the early stage, there were 6 middle-floor D rooms in Cuihuju, with a usable area of ​​543 square feet and 5.3 million yuan. In other words, 5.3 million yuan was temporarily the indicator of net 3 rooms.

In addition, 2 households in Shatin Jubilee Garden broke the low price within one week. Zhan Yiyang, senior business manager of Midland Realty, said that the latest change-handling unit is 4 low-rise B rooms, with a practical area of ​​498 square feet, with a change of 5.68 million yuan. The price of the price is 11,406 yuan. The price is $5.95 million higher than the number of units in the same room with a few days ago. It is about 270,000 yuan. It is the new low for the housing estate this year and the price has returned to the water level in the first half of 2017.