Double 11 broken billion single sales 213.5 billion new high

Tmall “Double 11″ entered its 10th anniversary, and the turnover (GMV) jumped from 52 million yuan in 2009 to 213.5 billion yuan this year, up nearly 27% from last year, and logistics orders exceeded 1 billion. Piece, and break the record. Despite the “double 11″ results, the macro environment is full of uncertainty this year. The Sino-US trade war continues. Alibaba executive vice president Cai Chongxin acknowledged that sales of health care, beauty and fast-moving consumer goods were not as good as before, but the middle class in the Mainland continued to increase. The upgrade trend remains unchanged.

2 minutes and 05 seconds turnover exceeded 10 billion

Tmall launched a global carnival double 11 at 0:00 on Sunday, and started 2 minutes and 05 seconds. The turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan. At 3:49 pm on Sunday, the transaction volume reached 168.2 billion yuan, less than 16 hours. It has successfully surpassed the turnover of the whole day last year; the number of brands with sales exceeding 100 million is as many as 237. The countries or regions where the most popular imported products come from this year are Japan, the United States and South Korea, among which the highest-selling commodities are health foods, milk powder and masks; as for the best-selling exports, the first five items are clothing; The cities with the highest consumption amount are Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou.

Due to the macroeconomic instability during the year, Cai Chongxin said that in the next 10 to 15 years, the middle class will increase from 300 million to 600 million, and the salary will continue to rise in low double digits. I believe that the general trend of consumption upgrading remains unchanged. He believes that short-term economic instability is cyclical. Whether or not a trade war occurs, China’s economy will shift from exports to domestic demand. The growth rate of the retail market is expected to be higher than GDP growth, so it is quite confident in the long-term market.

As for the impact of the trade war on Ali, Cai Chongxin did not say that the sales growth of health care, beauty products and fast-moving consumer goods was not as good as before, but the business of home furniture, small household appliances and decoration still recorded high growth. In order to support Taobao merchants, Ali announced earlier that it will not charge for Taobao’s new feature “Guess You Like It". This move provides a lot of free traffic for merchants. It is not a good time to cash out and will continue to observe the situation. He stressed that delaying liquidation will not affect the Group’s overseas expansion investment. The long-term strategy will not change. That is, the target will serve 2 billion users in 2036, and 10 million SMEs on the platform will be profitable.

Ma Yun appeared for a short stay for half an hour.

CEO Zhang Yong said that after 90 years, it became a new consumption power, and the product selection model was different from the previous generation. This time, “Double 11″ has joined the new elements of box horse fresh life and life service. He said that it is fortunate to redefine November 11th. In the next 5 to 10 years, “Double 11″ will continue to evolve.

Tmall held a momentum party for “Double 11″ on Saturday (10th), but Ma Yun, the retiring chairman, was not present. Only Ma Yun promotional videos were broadcast on the spot. He mentioned in the film that “Double 11″ is not a day of discount, nor a promotion, but a cultural exchange, the time when the brand is grateful to consumers with the best products and prices. After the launch of “Double 11″, Ma Yun low-key appeared in the Shanghai Media Center’s transaction volume live broadcast, stayed for about half an hour, witnessed the transaction amount of 50 billion yuan to leave; Ma Yun also appeared twice on the trading scene on Sunday.

When asked if Cai Chongxin will have a retirement plan in the short term, he indicated that he has no plans. He is currently responsible for strategic investment and acquisition within the group. Training talents is the most important task. Ma Yun is in his 50s and Zhang Yong is over 40. The group is committed to training 30. Middle-aged managers who are many years old. He stressed that Ma Yun is not fully retired and will still participate in talent training.

Ali’s Southeast Asia platform, Lazada, first joined the “Double 11″, covering six countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. As of 7pm last night, the most popular brand in the Lazada deal was Samsung. On other platforms, Jingdong’s Global Good Things Festival, which was held from 1st to 11th of this month, has accumulated a total of 159.8 billion yuan, setting a new record.