Russell Street Top 8 Eclipse 61 million departure

There has been no major adjustment in the selling price of ground floor rents, but there has been a lot of eclipse in the sales of the upper floors of the core area.

29th Floor with Rooftop  31157

The property was sold on the 8th floor of Russell Street, Causeway Bay. The property was on the top floor of the 29th floor with an area of 4,718 sq. ft., with 3,568 sq. ft. of rooftops, with a turnover of approximately RMB 147 million and a rough purchase price of approximately RMB 31,157. At present, the monthly rental income of the unit is about 250,000 yuan, and the rental return rate is about 2%.

The original owner was an investor in the Mainland. When the project was dismantled in 2014, it was purchased for 208 million yuan, and the price was as high as 44,000 yuan. It was the highest price at the time and was held for 4 years. The book erosion was 61 million yuan. The eclipse occurred. Let the rate be nearly 30%.

Recently, the area was paved with escorts, such as the entire 19th floor of The Sharp in Causeway Bay. It was sold last month for 38.8 million yuan. The property has an area of about 1,580 square feet and the price is about 24,557 yuan. The new buyer is Lee Kum Kee. family members. Looking back on the information, the original owner purchased the unit with a total of RMB 48.98 million in 2013. The owner held the goods for 5 years and the book erosion amounted to RMB 10.18 million.