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The Land Task Force’s report stated that it was considering releasing some of the private pleasure ground land for other uses, including the Fanling Golf Course managed by the Hong Kong Golf Club; the club stated that it “did not agree”; it is located in the prime location of Causeway Bay. The Chilihua Woodball Club also opposed the report.

Woodball Club: Land requisition may not be able to supply a large number of units

In response to an inquiry yesterday, the Hong Kong Golf Club stated that land issues and sports development are equally important to Hong Kong. It is hoped that social discussions will not put housing and sports on the opposite side; the club has been promoting golf and supporting sports development. Regarding the task force’s use of the Fanling Stadium as an option for land supply, the council stated that it “did not agree with it”. It also pointed out that the stadium has been established for more than 100 years and has historically valuable buildings and precious forest trees. It is also a variety of birds, insects and wild animals. Animals provide habitat and believe that the course should be preserved.

At the time of his visit, Liu Zhihong, the clerk of the Jilihua Woodball Club, opposed the resumption of the wooden ball club’s land in Causeway Bay for other purposes. He said that the terms of the land lease stated in the contract are for recreational and sports purposes. The surrounding buildings are mainly low-density residential buildings. It is believed that if the land use is changed, only low-density residential buildings can be built, which may not provide a large number of flats. The grassland is In the district, “city lungs", I believe residents do not agree with the government’s recovery of land for housing purposes.