Nanfeng Plaza parking spaces 1.9 million topping

Property prices soared, parking spaces have gone up. A parking lot at Nam Fung Plaza, second-line housing estate in Tseung Kwan O, was sold for $1.9 million. It was sold at a new high for the housing estate, and a parking space at Jukang Villa in Tuen Mun was sold at a price of over $1.3 million. It was less than 6 years old. Earn nearly a million or 2.8 times.

Jukang parking spaces earn less than 6 years

Hong Kong Estate Assistant Divisional Director Liu Haoqin said that a double parking space in Nanfeng Plaza has changed hands with a new record of 1.9 million yuan, setting a record high for the transaction price of the park’s parking spaces. Liu Haoqin pointed out that the original owner bought the parking space as early as 2009 with RMB 270,000, and earned RMB 1.63 million in book value, a 6-fold appreciation.

Metro 5 sells up to 2.4 million

In addition, Lu Jiamin, the senior sales manager of the United States, said that an underground parking lot at Jukeng Villa in Tuen Mun changed hands for about 1.305 million yuan. The buyer was the same owner of the same estate and the transaction price hit a new parking space for the estate. The original owner purchased it for about RMB 345,000 in November 2012. The book’s profit was about RMB 960,000, and the appreciation was about 2.8 times.

In addition, He Fang, deputy business director of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Zhongyuan (Trade and Industry), stated that Metro 5 has provided a total of 52 studios and storage rooms on Henglong Street in Liwan, with a unit area of ​​approximately 66 to 314 square feet. With windows and independent entrances, the sales price was about RMB 7,800, with an average price of RMB 7,800. The highest transaction amount was Room 15, which was about 310 square meters. It was sold for about RMB 2.4 million and the price was RMB 7,742. The project is currently selling some of the selected units. The price of the intent ranges from approximately RMB7,200 to RMB7,800.