Longyu 930 can sell more than 12 billion yuan

There was no new focus on the market. Three new titles, including Galaxy Sovereign Junhao Feng, Cheung Sha Wan Yueya and Kai Tak Lung Yuen, jointly sold over 80 stocks tomorrow and Sunday; among them, Poly (0119) on Sunday Released 27 partners of Kaide Longyu, the company’s marketing and sales department director Gao Yuhua said that the new price list launch unit, including the first to push the sea to the area of ​​835 square feet of 3 households. Gao added that Long Yu has sold 699 people since the beginning of last year, accounting for 75% of the total sales. There are still 133 groups that have not submitted their bids yet. They plan to roll out the current building stage, and it is expected that the entire project will cover more than 12 billion yuan.

Two sets of 80 sets for sale on Saturday and Sunday

Gao said that the Qingshan Bay House Project in Tuen Mun of the same family will be sold softly in the fourth quarter and is expected to be launched at the beginning of next year; the project will consist of 22 houses with a total area of ​​4,000 to 5,000 square feet. Hang Lin (0012)’s Hanlin Peak in Western District and Nanjin • Yinghang Bank in Tianwan, Aberdeen, have sold well in recent days. The same group was sold at the end of 2012. Pan Xiaoshang, a single member of Cheung Sha Wan, sold for 10.284 million yuan. The 35th floor has 471 sq.ft. room B, and the actual price is 21,839 yuan. The above units were sold for 10,607,800 yuan in 2015, but the buyer later set a price, meaning that the current transaction price is about RMB 320,000 or 3% lower than the current sales price.

In addition, New World (0017), Sai Ying Pun, launched a 88% one-click plan, the sales accelerated, yesterday sold 3 units of 221 to 462 square feet of saleable area, the transaction price of 7.02 million to 12.91 million, 2.79 With RMB 32,400,000, the project has sold 54 gangs so far this month, which has increased the total number of cumbersome units so far this year to 178, with cash over RMB 1.473 billion.