Core area shop rent low water trading rose

Shop rents gradually bottomed out, Fang Yongqing analysis, the traditional core area shop has begun to pay attention, and Yuen Long District with investment value.

In the shop market, this year’s trading slightly improved, the core area pavement transactions more than last year, such as the recent investors Liu Jun more than 300 million yuan, the purchase of Tsim Sha Tsui coastal defense road shop, and Bo Shu also exclusion of about 200 million yuan to buy Causeway Bay Lee Park Hill Road shop.

Yuen Long Tuen Mun District shops look pretty

Fang Yongqing pointed out that as the core area of ​​the shop rents over the past two years, a substantial adjustment, so that investors wait and see, and this year’s shop rents gradually bottomed out, to attract the consortium investment, expected this year’s turnover last year.

In addition to the traditional distinction, she is particularly bullish on Yuen Long and Tuen Mun District. Apart from the consumption of landlords in addition to lots, new residential projects in Yuen Long are completed and the population is increasing. She said, Yuen Long Road along the way flow, no less than the traditional core area, so the value of business investment.

The overall investment market, she believes that the whole property transactions continued to flourish, in addition to the interest rate is low due to funds, the whole property transactions, more companies in the form of resale, save 8.5% stamp duty, buyers down the cost of the market, I believe the investment market short- To look at the whole property priority.