Shops last month accounted for 60% of the New Territories 60%

New Territories shop was held, the report said that the proportion of new jobs in the New Territories, stabilized for 6 consecutive months 4 level.

Last year in November the government plus spicy, part of the funds flow to the shop market, which is more popular in the New Territories bunkers sought after. According to the Comprehensive Land Registry of Hong Kong Property and Crafts Research Branch, there were 60 transactions in the New Territories in May, accounting for 40% of the total turnover in the month. For the past 20 years, the ratio was 6 consecutive Month to stabilize the level of 40%.

In May, 150 retail outlets registered a total of about 20% on a monthly basis, with a total investment of about $ 2.164 billion, down 24% from a year earlier, while commercial transactions in the New Territories continued to be the focus. Although the ratio has fallen from 58% of the highs in January this year, it has fallen for the fourth consecutive month but is still able to stabilize by 40% or more for six consecutive months, the best since 1997 New Territories shops are sought after by the market.

Yuen Long last month 14 crowned the New Territories

In the first five months of this year, a total of 369 transactions were registered in the New Territories, with a total of 802 transactions recorded in the overall shopments. The turnover of the shops in the New Territories accounted for about 46%, representing a significant increase of about 25.9% over the same period last year. The amount of turnover in the New Territories was recorded at about 3.31 billion yuan, accounting for about 31.1% of the total turnover of the store, much higher than the 14.1% in the same period last year.

According to the area, there were 14 transactions registered in Yuen Long District last month. This was recorded in the New Territories with a maximum turnover of about $ 281 million, with an average transaction amounting to about $ 20,132,000, followed by Tseung Kwan O / Sai Kung, recorded 10 cases during the period, turnover of about 118 million yuan, of which 9 for the Huian Park shopping malls for sale and sale projects.

In recent years, the Government has made great efforts to increase the supply of residential land. The relevant projects have been concentrated in the New Territories and have recently been completed. For example, there will soon be a number of new flats in Yuen Long. This means that future consumption Increase, but the area is limited supply of shops, investors then optimistic about the potential of the region shops, have seized the opportunity to market.

In addition, Tseung Kwan O has opened a shopping mall in recent months and has further pushed up the overall number of registered transactions in the New Territories. But he said investors are expected to re-enter their eyes in the urban area in the short term, which means that the New Territories trade will fall or fall, as the number of available shops in the New Territories is reduced.