Jinfeng Minghui latest issue of the house style

Macau Jinfeng. The Lux Mansions, located on the south side of the Cotai Strip, enjoy the bustling night view, the whole market are rare large units, each building area of ​​3,500 square feet, demonstration units magnificent, with a majestic style.

The project belongs to Jinfeng. The latest issue of the remnants of the two residential buildings Jun Yifeng and Shang Hongfeng, named The Lux Mansions. Property is located in the road Taiping Paiwan Road, the unit all north, in front of the golf course, the landscape open. Distant for the famous tourist area Cotai Strip, is expected to New Ho Yinghui, Macau Paris and other casinos, night to enjoy the bustling night view.

Extra large units with private elevator lobby

The Lux Mansions are large in size, with a gross floor area of ​​about 3,500 square feet, a practical rate of 78%, a 4 bedroom 3 suite and a workplace with toilet, all with private elevator lobby and full privacy. Developers open two to Hongfeng A and B room modeled with the decoration of the demonstration units, construction area of ​​3,572 and 3,441 square feet, showing the original interval.

Which is still Hongfeng A room design using British style. Within the unit using multiple levels (Split-level) partition, the layout of the district and the room is more clear. To the main room, for example, as located in the living room next to the developer in particular to leap separation, the host room than the living room high stairs, while the owner room outside the room room, to strengthen the head of privacy.

The huge living room area of ​​more than 1,000 square feet, the interval is practical. Furniture to wood-based, with copper and yellowish light, showing the noble and elegant feeling. At the end of the living room is a wide terrace, an area of ​​about 120 square feet, you can see the golden sky skyline.

24 hour clubhouse facilities

3 rooms located in the room on the right side of the room area, looking south of the landscape, the same class to jump. Kitchen design is also quite gorgeous, ad hoc Nakajima kitchen (Island kitchen), food space is rich. As for Shang Hongfeng room B kitchen and bathroom equipment is to pay floor standards for buyers to control.

Club Mansion also has a fitness room, swimming pool and other facilities. The club’s own 24-hour club Club Mansion also has a fitness room, swimming pool and other facilities.