Interview with Sports Commissioner Yang Deqiang, the first to disclose that the funds for the Kai Tak Sports Park would be pushed up by 1.8 billion

Controversial, 31.9 billion Kai Tak Sports Park, the fastest today to the Legislative Council Finance Committee for approval. The voters believe that the Government has raised $ 120 million in “the incentive for the proposal" to be the winner of the “subsidy" consortium. Sports Commissioner Yang Deqiang yesterday interviewed this newspaper to deny the “subsidy", “no one will use 150 million yuan (bidding cost), to Bo you (government) 60 million yuan (proposal incentives)." At present, the Finance Committee will adjourn for the next six days. The first time, Yang said that if the application was not resumed before the resumption of the meeting, the cost of the park would have to increase by $ 1.8 billion and affect the potential bidders’ confidence. He reiterated that the park was an urgent livelihood project and called on Members of the Legislative Council to support it.

(Reporter Huang Qianan, Wu Zhuo An reported | Cai Jiayi photography)

Hong Kong has been lacking in large-scale sports venues planning, planning, planning and implementation of the Kai Tak Sports Park, before and after more than a decade. According to the plan, the sports park has a home can accommodate 50,000 people, an indoor gymnasium, parks and so on.

The Government requested the Legislative Council Finance Committee to redeploy the agenda to allocate a total of $ 31.9 billion in Kai Tak Sports Park. Upon completion of the additional funding for MTR sandline, it is believed that the application for funding for sports parks will be considered within this week.

Playground charges to ensure that “off-site"

The main point of the project is “the incentive for the proposal", that is, the refund of half or $ 60 million of the tender fee to the target, and the use of DBO (design, construction and management) of the “one-stop" mode, by the successful consortium for 25 years ; Contractors operating in a self-financing manner, income must be separated from the Government, but did not implement the relevant ratio.

Pan people do not receive goods

Before the Government’s meeting, the number of “incentive incentives" was reduced from three to two, and the amount was reduced from $ 180 million to $ 120 million. But the panins indicate “do not receive goods" and question why the public funds are used to subsidize the consortium.

Sports Commissioner Yang Deqiang yesterday to accept this newspaper interview, stressed that “proposal incentives" is not “subsidies." He explained that those who were interested in bidding were spending at least $ 150 million. “At least $ 150 million to $ 200 million would have the opportunity to apply for a maximum of $ 60 million (public money); (i) no one would use $ 150 million “You are $ 60 million!"

He admitted that the reduction in the amount of the “incentive incentive" was in response to the views of the workshop. “There will always be four (companies) better than three in terms of enhancing competition." However, I think that the views of Members will be (The proposed incentive) amount of up to 180 million, reduced to 120 million. “He reiterated the need to retain the" proposal incentives. "

LCSD management is not ideal

The Government has adopted a “one-stop" model of the more rare DBO (design, construction and management). Members of the Legislative Council, Mr KE Ka-ti, will wish to introduce the DBG model in the Finance Committee’s proposal to switch to the Administration.

Mr Yeung said that the management of the park by the LCSD was not ideal. “Members will be able to get their own, and there are a number of business schools that are based on our current stadium, red hall, or other forms of management." “He said," DBO can ensure that the government has the greatest control and the right to speak. "

The project ended on pre-trial on 21 July, followed by a six to nine month tender period. What is the effect of funding before the summer vacation? Yang said that if the original plan would have to be delayed by 6 to 9 months, the “(cost) amount would increase by $ 12 to $ 1.8 billion" and would also affect the confidence of the prospective tenderer, “to send a good information to the market."

Confidence is not overrun

Another member, Liu Xiaoli, questioned that Kai Tak Sports Park was a non-urgent livelihood project. Yang Deqiang does not agree, “a lot of sports friends and so on for more than ten years, it is a line to my Hong Kong sports development, to a new level." He pointed out that the Hong Kong Stadium or Queen Elizabeth Stadium, has been catching up with modern Sports event needs.

Is it possible to ensure that the sports park is not overstaffed? Mr Yeung said, “I am looking for a very accurate budget," he said. “I am confident that the development of the new project cost control office is a lot better."

Another concern for the public is whether the sports park will become a high-level sports facilities. Mr Yeung said that the contract set out the fees for the sports facilities of the venues, which were similar to those of the LCSD. The adjustment was also subject to the approval of the Government. “A badminton was played and the LCSD received dozens of mosquitoes. How many hundred mosquitoes?

Will not be reduced to performance venues

The government estimates that the main stadium, which holds 50,000 people, has 30 active days in a year, more than half of which is related to the sport. Mr Yeung pointed out that the main venue will be organized with no less than 10 football matches each year. “As far as indoor stadiums are concerned, the Government has stipulated that it is necessary to carry out sports at a two- Carnival can account for up to three minutes. "

The Home Affairs Bureau has submitted additional information to the Legislative Council, which has increased the amount of default from $ 200 million to HK $ 900 million. Mr Yung said that some Members have reflected that the margin of $ 200 million “seems to be too small" and “it is necessary for a operator to take a hasty leave".

Stadium or re-layout

The Kai Tak Sports School consultancy report pointed out that the proposed main stadium will be able to accommodate 50,000 people and functionally overlaps the Hong Kong stadium (Figure), which can accommodate more than 40,000 people, to “re-layout" the stadium. Mr Yeung said that the stadium could be reduced to between eight and ten thousand seats and the area of ​​the grassland would be reduced and the track and field would be completed. “The Mong Kok Stadium will accommodate six thousand people and the Hong Kong Stadium will be Million people, more than ten thousand can go to the small West Bay stadium or Kai Tak, Wu can do the division of work. "

Local football as a whole has progress

“South America’s football team," the South China Football Team, earlier to apply for the Hong Kong Federation of Super League since the fall group, itself is the local wave “fans" Yang Deqiang disappointed, “South China would like to put resources to engage in youth training, also respect the channel “The average number of visitors is less than a thousand, and fans believe that the figures reflect the decline in local football, and Yang Deqiang does not agree," the average number is one of the indicators, sometimes a “He pointed out that the first season, the East Dragon and Lion and Jay Chou for the first time into the AFC group or the end of the race, the end of last month staged the" East Jie war “is also the end of the team, Siege “Mong Kok Stadium, reflecting the overall progress of local football.