New year to sell more than 33 billion annual target Genova Qing seven before the sale of the second half of the proposed push 7

Although the government this year, many measures to control the property market, but the property market is still hot. (0013) Deputy Managing Director of the Thunder also pointed out that in fiscal year, the proceeds from the sale of Hong Kong in the current year so far more than 33 billion yuan, Involving nearly 4,000 units, has exceeded the original annual target. With the purchasing power consumption is expected in the second half of the property price rally slightly slowed down, but the material will rise about 5%.

Ming Pao reporter can children, Kuang Yue Ting

In fact, the new fiscal year (to the end of June) is not completed, but during the period recorded more than 33 billion yuan in Hong Kong sales, has exceeded last year’s annual fiscal year recorded about 32 billion yuan.

The Group has sold a number of large new discs in the current financial year, such as Yuen Long Grand YOHO Phase 1, Nanchang Station Meeting, Tseung Kwan O Haitian Jin and so on. Which in the first phase of the sale of Grand YOHO 1 month after the sale of more than 1,000 cumulative, smoking about 8.5 billion yuan; Nanchang station Huixi also sold 364 within 9 weeks (total 1050), cash more than 13 billion yuan , A record group in recent years.

Cannes 4A to be introduced in August to 1040 group

Lei also said that in the second half of the group in addition to the planned sale of North Point Hai Xuan No. 1, Jiuyong cloud, Nanchang station Huixi 3, West Midlands Baptington Road project, Ma On Shan cloud, Tseung Kwan O sunrise Cang 4A, also Plan the fastest launch in August.

In addition, Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova yesterday announced the book, and for the first time open to the floor of the demonstration unit to the media to visit, will be open to the public later, the fastest early next week offer, have the opportunity to return to the sale before the return of seven. Data show that the seven sets of a total of 3757 to provide, among the sunrise Cannes 4A and Huixi 3 the largest scale, respectively, involving 1040 and 1188 groups, two still pending pending pre-sale.

Genova uploads the fastest book early next week

According to Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova House book show, the project main 2-bedroom units, a total of 322, practical from 486 to 587 square feet. The smallest unit of 229 square feet, is the group in recent years, the development of residential projects in the smallest area of ​​open units. The unit is only two sets, respectively, 15B Block 1, Room E and 16A Block 1, Room E, practical with 229 square feet, another 61 square feet platform. As far as the plan is concerned, the unit is rectangular, excluding the bathroom, open kitchen and entrance location, the unit sleeping area is 3.15 meters long, 3.25 meters wide, an area of ​​about 110 square feet. The project provides a total of 683, 8 development, covering open to 4 housing units, of which 2 rooms accounted for 47%, 3 rooms accounted for 34%.

The United States and interest rate does not affect the pace of push plate

In addition, the Thunder also pointed out that although the US Federal Reserve announced a quarter of the rate hike, but relative to the 1997 interest rate of more than 10 PCT, the current interest rate is only one-fifth of the year, is still at a low level, , The economic environment is sound, the market demand for rigid, it does not affect the pace of push plate. For many developers to adopt high-yield mortgages to attract buyers, Ray said that its real estate buyers to select the developers to provide a press, according to the ratio is not high, to He Wentian days cast, for example, less than about one percent.