Gong Ha Hong Chong Fang speed to sell 33 units

(02288) Tai Kok Tsui Hong Chong Fang Gong Engineering project yesterday offer, and real-time sales, the first price of 10 involved in the studio, priced from 2.368 million yuan from the property market, As of last night at eight o’clock, the first batch of push units with a total of 33 shares, set about 100 million yuan.

Hong Chong Fang Building project price of 7,841 yuan from the price.

Hong Jingwei, vice president of Acer Capital, said Wang Chongfang first 10 floor 12 standard studio, construction area of ​​273 to 464 square feet, the price of 2.368 million to 36.38 million yuan, 7,841 to 8,925 yuan Can enjoy 5% discount, the entire project material sets of about 800 million to 900 million yuan.

The project immediately after the offer to start sales, Hong Yingwei said, Hong Chongfang 242 units, as of 8 pm last night, the first price together with the push unit sold a total of 33, temporarily set about 100 million yuan.

Li Yaohua more than two thousand even sweep two shops

Minsheng District shop sought after by investors, senior investors Li Yaohua more than 100 million yuan into the market. Lee pointed out that after the purchase of 396 million yuan in Kwun Tong Concord Street shops, the recent purchase of $ 6,630,000 to Jordan Street, Dunhuang Street, part of the ground floor. And Ma On Shan listen to Tao Yat Court kindergarten shop to 6,000 million registered sales, the buyer for Yuzhu Lin or the person concerned.

Leasing, the market refers to a foreign fast food restaurant rental Tsim Sha Tsui Beijing Road and Wan Chai Hennessy Road two shops, each monthly rent of about 30 million.

Parking price to record a new high. Market said, Lam Tin Sceneway Garden 6, double parking spaces sold 2.88 million yuan a new house high. According to the Lands Department’s information, the Hsinchu Hang Ocean Park Hotel, such as Xinhe Property (00083), paid $ 750 million. A consortium has applied to the Lands Tribunal for a 2 to 2A old building at 2 / F, Can Fulish Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Applicants hold 90% of the title, the property valuation of more than 241 million yuan.