In the second half of Hong Kong P up to raise interest rates once

The US Federal Reserve announced the latest rate hike of 0.25%, in line with market expectations, the market focus on the current rate of interest rates and the development of the property market. Centaline Asia Pacific vice president and president of residential Chen Yongjie said that into June, a second-hand market transactions have slowed down, we can see buyers worried about interest rates, so that the market waiting to see the atmosphere thick. However, in the second half of the year, more than 10,000 units of single-handed residential units are available. Chen Yongjie believes that the developers will be able to sell at the market price under the competition. The first batch of units will attract market attention with the " To provide a flexible payment method, the second half of the market purchasing power is still tilted to the primary market, second-hand market owners even if the face rate hike is still reluctant to sell, expected interest rate will make second-hand turnover fell by two percent.

He believes that the new session of the SAR government in July to play, to deal with property prices will be one of its primary task. At present, some buyers hope to take advantage of the new government to play spicy before stealing into the market, this month have the opportunity to sell Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan new disk to steal stealing passengers. The third quarter of the property market will be affected by the new government plus spicy and interest rate two factors, the volume is soft, property prices may also be slightly adjusted in the third quarter 3% to 5%, but the US and Hong Kong’s economy continued to Well, the property market will maintain a smooth performance throughout the year to maintain the second half of property prices rose 5%, up 18% forecast throughout the year.

Chen Yongjie: property prices rose 5% in the second half

Zhongmei mortgage brokerage manager Wang Meifeng said that the United States announced a rate hike of 0.25%, as the market expected for the United States to raise interest rates this time, the market has long been psychologically prepared, with Hong Kong banks are expected to remain in vain, so the impact of the local property market The US interest rate statement is expected to raise interest rates once in the second half of this year, the market concerned about the “schedules" will also be carried out in a slow and orderly manner, mild and orderly monetary policy adjustment for the market to bring positive messages.

As for the local interest rate, Wang Meifeng expects the bank to keep up with the deposit and loan interest rate (the best interest rate P and the deposit), because in mid-March this year, the United States raised the federal funds rate of 0.25%, the Hong Kong banking system balance has been maintained More than 250 billion yuan high level, while the interbank interest rate does not rise or fall, 1 month interest rates from 0.45% in March fell to about 0.37%, Hong Kong P is still no conditions to follow the interest rate increase.

Mr Wong is expected to raise the maximum interest rate (P) by up to 0.25% this year and still at 2.5% at the end of this year.