Chen De-lin advised the public to be concerned about the property market down the risk of Hong Kong as soon as possible with the rise of attention

After the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced that the discounted window basic interest rate immediately with the twenty-five basis point to 1.5%, immediately effective. The Hong Kong dollar interest rate will follow the rise in interest rates sooner or later, and the property market cycle is different from that in 1997. At that time, after the property bubble burst, the mortgage rate dropped at a 10% On the contrary, interest rates at a very low level, when the property market upside down, it is likely to run into the interest rate rise cycle, pay attention to this risk.

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In view of the current interest rate hike in Hong Kong lags behind US dollar interest rates, Mr Chan reminded the public not to take it lightly and be careful to manage the risks. As soon as Hong Kong dollar interest will follow the rise in interest rates, especially when buying, we should fully consider whether we can withstand market price volatility and future Ten years of interest rate risk.

Interest spread widening activities to increase

He also reminded investors of the impact of the Hong Kong dollar interest rate on the Hong Kong dollar. He said that with the gradual increase in interest rates, the Hong Kong dollar interest rate will be further widened, the stocking activities expected to increase, the Hong Kong dollar will gradually softened until the seven eight five weak exchange guarantee, but this is the exchange system design normal Operation, no need to respond to allergies. Yesterday, the Hong Kong exchange rate hovering at seven seventy-nine days, the afternoon fell again in the strength of seven points of the dividing line, the lowest see 78024. As at 9:30 pm Hong Kong time at 78014. Shanghai Commercial Bank Research Director Lin Junhong that the September US interest rate hike, the Hong Kong dollar at the end of this year or weakened to 7.88 level, but hit the weak exchange guarantee level still takes a long time.

Mr Chan, the head of financial markets in Greater China and North Asia, said that unless the Hong Kong Department touched the 7.85 weak side, the HKMA would buy Hong Kong dollars and withdraw Hong Kong dollar liquidity at the time point But there is no room for upward adjustment in Hong Kong. It is believed that the pace of interest rate hikes in Hong Kong will be slow and the Hong Kong dollar will not fall again in the short term. He believes that future solicitation will continue, spreads will not be long and long.

Impact of Hong Kong ‘s Loan Interest

The impact of the US rate hike on the interbank interest rate in Hong Kong was modest. Some market participants said that in addition to the local banking system funds amounted to 266 billion yuan is very abundant, the impact of the actual interest rate as early as before the rate hike has been reflected, the situation is difficult to follow the interest rate up. According to the information provided by the Treasury Market Association, Hong Kong-dollar interbank interest rates (Hibor), which were related to the interest rate, were reported to be 0.9299%, slightly higher than the previous day. And slightly increased to 0.1% overnight. The one-week and two-week rates were reported at 0.22 per cent and 0.277 per cent respectively.