Tsim Sha Tsui old building Shen Qiang beat

The city’s old buildings are reappointed for the consortium, which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, 2 and 2A old buildings, and is now a consortium of senior investors such as Wu Zhenke Group. Jiucheng title, the last one has not yet acquired the last one, and the family held by Yu Taixing, the project valuation of more than 240 million yuan.

A consortium of senior investors, such as Wu Zhenke, is currently applying to the Lands Tribunal for an old building at 2 to 2A, Cairns Falls Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. The document shows that it is now a four-storey commercial and residential property with a 1-storey design and has been approved as early as 1956. Its site covers an area of ​​about 2333 square feet. The applicant currently holds 90% More than the top two units have not yet acquired, and the entire project valuation of more than 240 million yuan.

Big owners Wu Zhenke and so on

As for the unit held by Yu Taixing. At present, Wu Zhenke has purchased the adjacent Fenkilus Road 1 and 1A, if the final successful purchase of 2 and 2A, is expected to be mergers and development, and rebuilt into a silver-style commercial buildings, site area of ​​nearly 5,000 square feet to plot ratio of 12 Times, involving about 60,000 square feet of floor.

It is understood that Wu Zhenke, who as early as 12 years, has been purchased on the 1st of the Canfus Road, the whole building, as well as 1A 1 to 5 floor units, while the remaining 1A ground floor, last year to 200 million yuan successfully purchased.

Yu Taixing 1 group did not acquire

In addition, Chevalier announced the purchase of the newly-owned Dazhao Fukui Street and Lee Tung Street redevelopment projects, the price of about 6,800 million yuan, while the sales income of more than 1.05 billion yuan, the URA can be proportional to the dividends.

The project can be built about 6.2 million square feet, the above price, the per square foot floor price of nearly 11,000 yuan, is expected to market.