New land month to sell seven to cover more than 3800 PARK YOHO lead the first row of iron offer next week

Developers have implemented the push plate to deploy, the new site will be maintained during the year, “month on sale" strategy, the chain of 6 to 7 projects, involving more than 3800, of which Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova will lead the way, the project just yesterday House book, will be offered early next week; a number of attention to luxury, including North Point Hai Xuan, nine belly clouds and Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds have also appeared.

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder said the group to the end of the year to maintain the “month on sale" strategy, to the end of the year will sell 6 to 7 projects, in addition to PARK YOHO Genova debut, the other new discs include North Point Hai Xuan, West Mid-Levels of Mount Barton Hill, Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds, nine belly clouds and Nanchang station Xi Xi 3 and other projects will be introduced in stages. Is now applying for the sale of Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes 4A, also have the opportunity to launch in September or so.

Demonstration house will soon be open

Thunder also pointed out that this year’s new sales ideal, this fiscal year, the Group’s sales revenue and sales volume, has been higher than expected target of more than 33 billion yuan, the performance period will be announced later the actual sales amount. And its Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova sales process has entered the Straight Road, yesterday, just upload the book, expected the fastest early next week, is expected to open to the public in the short term demonstration units open and sale.

The second half of the property prices rose 5%

For those who are asked to use the developer to provide mortgage ratio, Thunder said, not many buyers choose to use the group to provide a press, for example, He Wentian Tianzhu, only less than a percent of buyers choose, stressed that the Group provided The mortgage plan, mainly to help change the turnover of property owners, the situation is still healthy, but also said that although the future increase in new residential supply is expected to rise slightly in the second half of the property market will slow down, but is expected to rise about 5%.

Sunrise Cannes a total of more than a thousand guards

Deputy director of the new agency Chen Hanlin said that this year the unit landscape is superior, the interval between the diversified, and yesterday opened 3 room interval units, if the reference 1 sales, I believe the same is the current Huxing, I believe that the ability to pull the floor, Have confidence. Yesterday, the demonstration unit is now seen on the scene, open demonstration units and clubs to the media after the visit, has quickly attracted a large number of agents to the scene, there are queuing to visit the dragon.

Yesterday the project opened with a decoration and two unchangeable present demonstration units, are 3 rooms interval, including the decoration of the 30A Block 10, Room A, and no change in the 30A Block 6, Room A, with 827 square Feet, even the storage room with toilet.

Another unmodified demonstration unit for the 30A Block 6, Room B, an area of ​​719 square feet, and even storage room. 3 demonstration units are south of the landscape, enjoy the inner garden green view and the central pool landscape.

Haixuan cloud end pole push

The project is composed of 8 residential buildings, providing a total of 683, separated from the open to 4 rooms, another special households, the area from 251 to 1174 square feet, the main 2 and 3 rooms, of which 27 are open, 322 partner 2 rooms, 233 3 rooms, 21 groups of 4 rooms, and 80 even with platform or rooftop special households.

The hotel is located in CLUB COMO, offering a total of 70 facilities, 1 and a total of 70 amenities, including a total of 70 amenities, a total of 70 amenities, a swimming pool, a fitness room and a children’s playroom. 2 passengers can use, the management fee of about 3.86 yuan per square foot. The key date is expected to be 18 years in March.