The first city of three rooms 780 million record high

Second-hand record high-priced transactions, of which the first city of Shatin with rooftop households, access to home to 7.8 million to undertake, the transaction price of a similar high house. As for the listening to the center of Ting Court, to 14244 yuan per square foot, broken house records.

Zhongyuan district business manager Hu Yaozu said that the first city of Sha Tin 18 high-rise rooftop units, an area of ​​484 square feet, 3 room interval, to the northeast looking open, newly acquired to 7.8 million yuan to undertake, the price of 16,116 yuan, The price of housing estates 3 housing a new high, the current housing units only 1 set of discs, very rare, the original owner in 97 years to 3.8 million purchase, book profit 4 million yuan.

Listen to ”

Century 21 Qi Feng branch manager Cheng Zijian said, Ma On Shan listen to Tao Yayuan a middle A room, an area of ​​1025 square feet, 3 rooms and 1 set of workers with the room interval, enjoy the sea view, after the bargain was converted to 14.6 million yuan Even the car to undertake, 14244 yuan per square foot, the transaction price and price per ton are a new house high. The original owners in July 10 to 5.31 million purchase, profit 9.29 million yuan.

Zhongyuan branch manager Huang Qili said, Fanling Yifeng a high-rise C room, an area of ​​639 square feet, 3 rooms a set of intervals, to be converted to 812 million yuan to undertake self-occupied, foot price of 12,707 yuan, the transaction price hit a similar high.

Fu Rong green table price of 6.66 million put

Li Zhenjie, manager of the world branch, said the big angle mouth Fu Rong Garden 5 low-level H room, an area of ​​592 square feet, is a 3-room interval, Wang Park King, the recent green table price of 6.66 million yuan to sell, 11250 yuan per square foot Housing prices are not a new unit, it is learned that the original owner in 1998 to 2.15 million yuan (not land premium) to buy, the current book profit of 4.51 million yuan.

Haibai inverse price of 50,000 transactions

Lijia Hao, co-director of Lijia Club Branch, said that 5 low-rise E rooms in Ma On Shan Bayshore Garden, with an area of ​​388 square feet and a 2-room interval. Owners bid 5.5 million yuan, after the anti-price of 50,000 yuan, less than 1% increase, and finally to 5.55 million yuan turnover, equivalent to about 14,304 yuan per square foot price.

Tsuen Tak gets on the train

Associate Regional Manager Chen Guoliang said that the low-rise A room in the center of Sha Tin Weihua Center, with an area of ​​358 square feet, a 2-room interval, a garden view and a mountain view, the unit is basically renovated and can not be built. , Access to the case in the case of non-site to 4.7 million to undertake, the price of 13,128 yuan per foot.

Hong Kong shipping city square sold 1.46 yuan

Midland H, with an area of ​​306 square feet and a 2-room interval, is due to attract the price and sell for 5 hours. To undertake, the price of 12216 yuan per foot.

Century 21, Real Estate Executive Director Huang Wenlong said that the North Point Gang Yuncheng a middle A room, an area of ​​777 square feet, 3 rooms with suites interval, within the garden, after the bargain to 11.38 million yuan change hand, the price of 14,646 yuan Market price level. The original owner in 96 to 597 million purchase, holdings so far resale, book profit of 5.41 million yuan to leave.

Change the landlord “one by one” to buy Zhaoan Court

Cheung Yi-kai, executive director of Cheung Yi, said that the Tuen Mun Habitat Mausoleum, Block G, Block 1, with an area of ​​495 square feet and a two-bedroom interval, had been crossed out at $ 43 million (free market price) Payment purchase, foot price of 8687 yuan, is a market price transactions.