Central Plains: expected the next quarter property prices softened

US Federal Reserve yesterday to raise interest rates 0.25%, Central Asia, vice president of the Asia-Pacific region and residential president Chen Yongjie that interest rates in line with market expectations, the third quarter of the property market in Hong Kong will be affected by the Government plus spicy and interest rate two factors, Soft, property prices have the slight chance of down 3% to 5%. But the US and Hong Kong’s economy continued to improve, expecting a 5% rise in the second half, up 17% for the year.

Expected second-hand turnover fell

Mr Chan said that the developers would sell their new flats at competitive prices. The first flats would attract market attention with the “bamboo shoots" and the developers’ multiple payment methods. The purchasing power of the market was still tilted in the first half of the year. , Second-hand owners even if the face rate hike is still reluctant to sell, expected to raise interest rates will make second-hand turnover fell by two percent.

Wang Meifeng, managing director of Zhongyuan mortgage brokerage, said the US interest rate rate is expected as the market expected, and it is expected that the local banks will not raise the deposit and loan interest rate temporarily because the balance of the banking system in Hong Kong remains above RMB 250 billion and the interbank interest rate does not rise , From 0.45% in March to 0.37% in the near future. Hong Kong is still not eligible to raise interest rates.