Investor Li Yaohua purchased two shops in Jordan

Senior investors Li Yaohua chain purchase shop, including Jordan Road Duncheng building linked to the shop, priced at 66.3 million yuan, one of the owners, including Zhou Shengsheng founder Zhou Junlian. In addition, he also purchased the same district Min Street shop, involving 22.9 million yuan.

Li Yaohua accepted the inquiry to confirm that the purchase of 28 to 28A Road, Jordan Road, Dun Building, underground B and C shop, priced at 66.3 million yuan, he said, an area of ​​1700 square feet, B shop rented to the clinic, the monthly lease of about 34,000 yuan , C shop tenant bar, monthly rent 73000 yuan, a total close to 11 million, return 1.9%.

Involving a total of 89.2 million

Premier Zhou Junlian (late), Zhou is one of the founders of Zhou Shengsheng, the company in 1979 to 2.4 million yuan to buy the shop, holding 38 years, profit 63.9 million yuan, Appreciation of 26.6 times. In addition, Li Yaohua also purchased the same district Min Street on the 5th floor, priced at 22.9 million yuan. The two shops a total of 89.2 million yuan.

According to the Land Registry, the Ma On Shan Tai Tau Court Kindergarten is located in Block 10, with an area of ​​7535 square feet and sold for $ 60 million. Purchasing Yu Chu Lam & Sons Limited, including Yuzhu Lin, is a big seafood owner. The site for the Dr. Hill (Hong Kong) International kindergarten, monthly $ 196,000, return 3.9%.

Fast food shop with rent three shops

According to the news, the Mong Kok boarding street No. 37 underground, an area of ​​about 2180 square feet, allowed buyers to obtain, bid 83 million yuan, the owner of the intention of about 85 million yuan, the former tenants shop roastery restaurant monthly rent of about 290,000 yuan, Is now another tea restaurant to rent, expected monthly lease of about 230,000 yuan, about 3% return.

Wanxing foot price of 20,400 new high

Market news refers to the first group of Kwai Chung Dalian tunnel construction in the commercial buildings, all the buildings to sell in the form of dark disk, the intention price of 1.8 billion. The project covers an area of ​​about 13,100 square feet, can be built more than 123,000 square feet square. The first group in July last year to 759 million yuan to vote, the floor price of 6145 yuan for the Government since the sale of land, the highest price of the New Territories commercial land, the project will be completed a building, the investment amount of about 1.2 billion to 1.3 billion , Finished in 2019.

From the Philippine chain fast food restaurant Jollibee chain rental shop, the news that, including Tsim Sha Tsui Beijing Road 53 to 63, the capital of the building basement, an area of ​​about 4500 square feet, the monthly lease of about 350,000 yuan, the site Japanese restaurant, 2014 4 Rented for $ 350,000; underground and ground floor at 310-33 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, about 2380 square feet underground, about 2745 square feet of ground floor, a total of 5125 square feet to 350,000 yuan leasing. There is also Shop No. 1B, G / F, Chui Yang Court, Whampoa Garden, No. 120, Kaung Street, Hung Hom, about 3730 sq ft and a monthly rent of $ 230,000.

Market news that the Central Wanxing Building, 19th floor, full of rooftop, an area of ​​about 1460 square feet (excluding rooftop) to 29.884 million yuan change hands, an average of 20400 yuan per square foot, a new high price of the tower. The original owner in June 2013 to 19.5 million to buy the site.