Large angle mouth Hong Chong Fanggu 33 units

Labor market transactions increased, developers take advantage of the sale. Acer Capital’s large-angle construction project Hong Chongfang yesterday announced the first price list, involving 10 groups of low-level units, priced from 2.368 million yuan, the price range of 7841 yuan to 8925 yuan, the first batch of all units now buyers Reserved, developers immediately push the higher level units should be the city. Developers announced that as of 8 pm last night, the project has sold 33, set about 100 million yuan.

Admission 3.38 million

Hong Yingwei, vice president of Acer Capital, said the first price is a “surprise price", the first batch of units for the 12 floor 7 to 16 rooms, a total of 10 units, covering an area of ​​284 square feet to 464 square feet, priced from 2.368 million yuan To 363.8 million yuan, about 8741 yuan per square foot, that is available for 5% discount, yesterday afternoon to the first form of sale.

He added that the project has been 2-storey by the big hands off, and then push the increase in the price of space, is expected to sell within the month, expected to fall behind the report can be higher than 3.5%. He believes that due to the global economic downturn, the pace of interest rate will not be too fast, little impact on the property in Hong Kong.

Two layers were reserved for big hands

Market news that the first day of the sale of the goods well, the first batch of sales for several hours yesterday to sell, developers immediately push push high-level units. Developers announced last night, as of 8 pm, has sold 33, accounting for about 13% of the total number of units. Hong Chong Road, a large angle mouth will be made 128 Road, 22-storey building, providing a total of 242 units, covering an area of ​​273 square feet to 5319 square feet, another 18 parking spaces. The total number of 92% of the units is less than 464 square feet, with 589 square feet, 879 square feet, 1036 square feet and 2950 square feet of the four units, the largest area of ​​5319 square feet, there are two , Expected in December 2018 completed, is expected to cash 8-9 billion yuan. In addition, the Group’s other project, Cheung Sha Wan, has been sold for over $ 2 billion.