Industry property prices slowed down in the second half

NEW YORK (Reuters) – US interest rate edged around four cents a week, although the rate is expected, but the market is widely expected to raise interest rates tide to cover. However, Hong Kong banks did not immediately with Canada. Developers and property agents expect, with the purchasing power consumption, the second half of the property price rise expected slow, only still strong and then up about 5%.

Only five cents a year

Cheung Kong real estate (01113) executive director Zhao Guoxiong said the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in advance has been a long time, the buyer has been considered when the relevant factors and prepared, and raising interest rates quarter and a half, compared to the first half of the property price Nearly 10% of the increase, the impact is negligible.

Xindi (00016), deputy director of the Thunder that the US rate hike a quarter of a quarter, the increase is expected within the relative interest rate of 97 years up to more than 10 PCT, when the interest rate is only five cents a year, so the interest rate is still low Level, I believe that Hong Kong still has a period of time to enjoy low interest rates. Moreover, the land sales results are satisfactory, the economic environment is stable, the public desire to buy home, interest rates have little effect on the property market. Only with the purchasing power consumption, the property market is expected to slow down slightly in the second half, is expected to still rise by about 5%.

“In the past three times, there has been no increase in interest rates in the past three times,” said Bu Shao-ming, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Real Estate, said that since the United States has entered a rate hike in December 2015, Even if the future with the Canadian interest rate rise is expected to moderate, is expected in the second half of the property price rally will slow, an increase of about 3 to 5%.

Looking at the calendar year data, since 1990, the United States has raised interest rates four times, of which only two interest rates cycle property prices fell, including 1994 to 95 years, the United States rate hike seven times a total of 3%, Hong Kong’s best Interest rates rose 2.5% in the face of rapid interest rate hikes, the stock market and the property market to make adjustments, property prices fell about 6%. The other is the period from 1999 to 1999, the United States rate hike six times a total of 1.75%, the best interest rate in Hong Kong increased by 1.25%, when the value of “85,000” during the housing construction period, the supply of massive, many factors attack, Down about 13%. Mr Bush pointed out that the future trend of property prices will be reversed, still depends on the economy, employment, interest rate movements and supply, etc., if the increase in interest rates and speed, investors will reduce demand, Potential.

Low interest period or continuous period of time

Ricardo Real Estate President Liao Weijiang that the United States have the ability to raise interest rates, just to reflect the economic performance to the good, good overall market sentiment, to eliminate the market wait and see mood and uncertainties, the second half of the property market trend is more stable. He pointed out that the balance of the banking system in Hong Kong remained at a high level of close to 260 billion yuan. The local banks were still reluctant to follow the rate hike. Therefore, the low interest rate environment was still sustainable for some time and was still optimistic about the performance of the property market in the second half of the year.

In response to the impact of interest rate hikes on public home ownership, Hong Kong home buyers conducted a questionnaire survey and recovered 533 questionnaires. 62% of the respondents found 533 interviewees expected to raise interest rates again this year, with 78% acceptable Raise interest rates by half a cent or more. Hong Kong home buyers chief executive Li Zhicheng that the figures reflect the market to raise interest rates have long been expected, and the public to withstand the rate hike is good, I believe that floor control measures more interest rates more affected the pace of public housing.