Cheung Sha Wan AVA 61 offer 150 feet 2.27 million admission

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Developers on the mini-home pricing continued to forge ahead, Changsha Bay AVA 61 yesterday announced the first batch of 57 coupons, discounted real estate price of 18,000 to 22,000 yuan, the same year last year, the sale of the same district are the first half of the total, Open units folded real admission price of 2.77 million yuan.

The US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, but no resistance to developers pricing confidence, by the senior investors Luhua development of AVA 61, the project is a mini-unit, up to 33 months of labor, announced yesterday the first price, involving 57, Including open and 1-bedroom units, with a usable area of ​​150 to 232 sq ft.

Open the door in recent years, Kowloon new disk

According to the price list, the first price of the price from 300.9 million to 5.28 million yuan, the price of one-foot price of 19,699 to 24,422 yuan; 120 days for the payment can be reduced by up to 8%, the discount price from 2.768 million to 4.791 million yuan , Discounted price of 18,123 to 22,469 yuan. As the smallest unit of the project area, fine in recent years, the new disk, so the project silver code is relatively small, the most flat admission unit 3 floor C room, an area of ​​150 square feet, discount price of 2.768 million yuan, November Cheung Chau Wan Yue since more than two and a half years of Kowloon, the most flat entry fee of the new disk.

In addition, the developer also provides a high yield mortgage payment method, but there is no discount on the price, up to 70%, no need to pass the stress test, the loan period up to 20 years, but the first year of the interest rate for the P minus 1 (P is 5.25%, the actual press is 4.25%), and the subsequent period is P.

The first batch of 9 copies of real estate within 3 million

The same area on the sale of a new disk, is Gabriel (00617)’s Shangdu, in July last year announced the first 50 cents a single price, folding real cost of 12,976 to 14,868 yuan, compared to the next, AVA 61 is priced at nearly 5% higher than its price. If compared to some similar properties and the recent transaction, the same is located in the Tai Po Road, Xiao Shang, in April recorded a second-hand sale, middle-class sales of 4.388 million yuan, 16,622 yuan per square foot, AVA 61 pricing is still about 20% of its price.

Vinda to create project planning director Lu Wende that the first batch of units are happy on the car price, at discounted price, all open units are below 400 million, of which more than 9 million less than 3 million, the project will Starting tomorrow, the ticket will be released on the basis of the announcement. Vinda to create project manager Cai Renhui that the market mentioned interest rates for many years, has digested the relevant factors, the project demonstration units will be open to the outside world today.

In addition, the rate hike after the first-hand luxury is still busy, West Mid-level days yesterday, the middle of the sale of A room, the price of 81.68 million yuan, 38,000 yuan per square foot price.