Genova offers the fastest next week

[00016) Yuen Long PARK YOHO 2A Genova floor book has been uploaded official website and first-hand sales network, demonstration units yesterday for the media exposure.

Genova House book shows that the project area of ​​the finest 229 square feet of only two units, respectively, 15B Block 1, Room E and 16A Block 1, Room E, another 61 square feet platform.

New half of the land to be eight months to the city

Yesterday to the media open three groups of present demonstration units, of which 30A Block 10, Room A, with furniture, called Genova mansion, the practical area of ​​827 square feet, 3 rooms with storage room design, including a living room connected to the 31 square feet , The kitchen is also connected to an 18 square feet of work platform.

The living room and the three bedrooms are in the same style and enjoy the resort-style pool garden. Units to magnificent Jin Hyun as the theme, with low-key dumb gold and royal blue, set off elegant light tone, and create a different aristocratic style.

The new site is very important to Genova, specially invited the famous musician Zhao Zengxi as the theme song, yesterday invited the group to perform the Italian charm rhyme dance, composed of 12 dancers, with the light of the sound from the water jump to the water, to different The shape of the beautiful dancing, the performance of the Italian party atmosphere of joy.

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder said, Genova House book has just uploaded the page, the fastest early next week offer, demonstration units will soon open.

This year has sold 4,000 sets of sets of 33 billion

Thunder also said that the second half of the deployment of the Group to sell seven to eight new discs, including the North Point Hai Xuan, Sha Tin nine belly clouds, Nanchang station cover 2 and the Mid-Levels of the Pabridon project, is expected to short- Sales of paper.

To the Group’s fiscal year, the sale of new land sales so far more than 33 billion yuan, sold nearly 4,000 units, far higher than the expected target.