Tai Kok Tsui Hong Chong Square more than 2.36 million approach

Acer Capital (02288) Tai Kok Tsui reconstruction Gong Ha Hong Chong Square, is to take advantage of investment in the property market is still hot, that is, to sell uncompleted flats, is expected to more than 200 units such as selling, you can set about eight to nine Billion yuan.

Hong Chongfang first price of 10 12 floor of the building units, priced from 2.366 million yuan to 36.38 million yuan, ranging from 7841 to 89.25 million per square foot, now available on a first-come-first-served basis to buy If you choose a payment option, you will receive a 5% discount on property prices. It is understood that the approved units have been reserved.

Hong Yingwei, vice president of Acer Capital, said Hong Chongfang’s unit area from 273 to 5319 square feet, but the fine units, about Bacheng units is 400 square feet below, now two layers will be reserved for large buyers Subscribe. He thought that the Government would have less impact on the investment in industrial and commercial properties and had confidence in the sale of the property. It would also raise the fare increase in the future and hope that it would be sold out of 242 units in two weeks, which would cost about $ 8 to $ 900 million.