AVA61 sold out the best in five hundred and fifty hills

The more the more the more thin, but the more the more expensive! Investment veteran Luhua family’s Changsha Bay AVA61, the US interest rate after the first offer new disk, the first batch of 57 fold the average price of 20,282 yuan per foot, the most expensive in recent years, the first batch of new offer, 00016) Nanchang station on the cover of the Xi, more than last year in July with the region are the first batch of 13840 yuan a year to sell your nearly 47%, even more than the same area with a high 50%; because the unit dice, admission fees three balls to find , Discounted 2.768 million yuan, is expected to Heng (00012) early last year with the region after the most close to the new plate.

Ta Kung Pao reporter Liang Yingxian

Luhua family in recent years to develop a series of single building, a more than a “dice", the latest practical and only the most fine only 150 square feet of AVA61, fine after the case of Kowloon private house, the project yesterday offer, 57 300.9 million to 520.8 million yuan, foot price of 19699 to 24422 yuan, the average price of 22046 yuan per foot. Selection of 120 cash discounts will be 8% discount, discounted 2.688 million yuan, the real price of 18,123 yuan, fold the average price of 20,282 yuan per foot, the price of a total market value of 212 million yuan.

Fare price of 20,000 yuan in your area with 50%

(00617) flagship on the car owners are still the first batch of 50 in July last year, the average discount of 13847 yuan, less than a year AVA61 sell your nearly 47%, even more than the railway cover of the first group of 18998 yuan, more than the East and West Kai Tak Tianhuan first batch of 17,888 yuan and other large real estate but also expensive, The same area with an average price of 13,000 to 16,600 yuan per month range, the relative height of 50%.

Assuming the more price, the plate folded 27.68 million yuan admission, expected to be the beginning of the same period last year, the same area of ​​the sea Bohui 2.967 million yuan in recent years, the most flat new flat, but the three teams have to find the only nine units. All open units are all four balls to find.

Vinda created project planning director Lu Wende described as “happy on the price." The project provides the highest property price of 70%, 20 years, the first year by interest P (preferential interest rate of 5.25 PCT) by 1%, after the full P, pressure-free test, to provide proof of income.

As the United States to raise interest rates after the first offer new disk, Vinda to create project manager Cai Renhui said, pricing reference with the area of ​​the new disk, I believe the market has already digested interest rate news. Demonstration units located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Canada Center, open today, Saturday tickets, the fastest sale next week, to be preferred to large-scale picking house.

AVA61 sales method is quite new, the general development of the transaction to the buyer to provide cash rebate, but according to the price list shows that if the purchase of designated B, C, D and E room units, after the completion of the transaction will receive a microwave oven , The gift is a rare new case. Asked why this one, Cai Renhui response to a purely marketing strategy.

As for the platform of the disk is more than six times the “odd", Cai said Ji to use the plot ratio, to provide more outdoor space. The disk of a group of a flat room, the unit area is only 232 square feet, but the platform area actually reached 1415 square feet, more than six times the inside.

The beauty of the United States is not affected by the interest rate

Another real estate investment director Guo Zewei said, raising interest rates as early as expected by the market, I believe Hong Kong banks will not follow the short term. On the contrary, the interest is clear, the market play a more role. In fact, there is sufficient funds in Hong Kong, and the recent market entry is mostly for the users. It has no effect on the sale and sale of Tsuen Wan Sea. And earlier set aside 6% of the sea set to raise the price of 32,000 yuan per foot, still received a lot of inquiries, enough to prove that the project still has a lot of room for improvement.

NAPA, Tuen Mun, Tuen Mun Road, Tuen Mun Estate recorded the first tart. The unit for the three fifth floor of the G room, practical 519 square feet, two rooms interval, was signed on October 27 last year, the sale of the contract, the transaction price of 5.838 million yuan, the buyer initially used two by payment, until the beginning of the most discount That is, for the payment program, the property price reduced to 5.767 million yuan, but the final termination of the transaction, assuming that the buyer has paid a deposit of property prices, the developers to kill more than 57 million.

The developer will increase the price of the above-mentioned unit by 8%, from 7,076,000 to $ 7.637 mil, and from $ 13634 to $ 1,145, and has been rescheduled on Sunday.