No fear of magic to home is still strong survey: 78% of people can bear more than half of the increase

Hong Kong dollar has raised interest rates after the US interest rate hike by 0.25%, Hong Kong dollar to maintain the best interest rate (P) unchanged, the US interest rate hike for four consecutive times, Hong Kong Silver did not follow the interest rate. According to the latest survey, 62% of the respondents expected interest rate hikes in the second half of the year, with 78% saying they could bear more than half a rate hike, reflecting the fact that most people have expected interest rate hikes. The industry believes that the Hong Kong silver balance is sufficient, the mortgage competition is fierce, not immediately raise interest rates, I believe that short-term low-interest environment will continue, the property market is not affected.

The United States from 4 to raise interest rates in 2015, a total rate hike 1%, alone in the first half of this year has been raising interest rates twice, Hong Kong banks will follow the rate hikes for home buyers attention. Hong Kong this week to raise interest rates on the impact of the property market survey, the successful recovery of a total of 533 valid questionnaires. The survey found that 62% of respondents believe that Hong Kong banks will raise interest rates again in the second half of the year.

Hong Kong: the property market regulation and control policy in particular to raise interest rates

The survey also found that the majority of respondents had some tolerance for raising interest rates and considered that “more than half a cent to 1%" and “1% to 2%" were acceptable. Interest rate of more than 2%, “also accounted for 12%, which means that a total of 78% of respondents believe that interest rates can be accepted by half a cent or more. For those who only accept no more than half a week to raise interest rates accounted for about 22%. Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Li Zhicheng that the figures reflect the market has been expected to raise interest rates, and the public bear the ability to raise interest rates impressive, but the property market regulation and control policies on the impact of home buyers even more than raising interest rates.

Liu Yuanyuan: the balance is sufficient to raise interest rates

According to Liu Yuan-yuan, director of marketing, the Hong Kong bank has sufficient funds and the balance of the banking system is still as high as $ 259.5 billion. Unless there are external factors, Hong Kong banks will not immediately follow the pressure on the US rate hike. Rapid, even if the rate hike in Hong Kong is also moderate, ranging from 25 pips to 50 pips, the impact on the supply of land to a slight impact.

The burden of supply is still maintained at a healthy level

Take a market value of $ 6 million for an example (see table), using H to 60% of the mortgage, for 25 years, if the interest rate by the current 2.15% increase 0.25%, the monthly contribution will increase 436 yuan ; If the interest rate is half a cent, then the current level of more than 879 yuan per month. According to the Meridian Mortgage Referral Research Department statistics, in June 1997, the burden of building for the peak was up to 93.2%, which was the highest in history. In contrast, the latest May was 44.6%, which reflected that the current supply was still maintained at a healthy level. The risk of bursting in 1997 was some distance.

She continued, although the bank raised H to interest rates to H + 1.4%, the bank rate cut war can be described as a temporary fall, this year a number of new discs have debut, the bank mortgage business is still a positive attitude, expected H + 1.4% Will last for some time. It is expected that the new mortgage amount in the first half of this year will be as high as $ 1,250 billion. With the support of a number of favorable factors, the second half will maintain the market. The new mortgage price will reach $ 225 billion.

Wang Meifeng: Hong Kong has raised interest rates by up to 0.25% this year

Wang Mei-feng, Managing Director of Zhongyuan Mortgage Broker, pointed out that it is expected that the Bank will not raise the deposit and loan ratio (the best interest rate P and the deposit) for the time being. The reason is that after the US interest rate hike of 25 cents in March this year, Ample and after-tax interbank interest rates did not rise or fall. The one-month interest rate fell from the average of 0.45% in March to about 0.37%. The best interest rate (P) in Hong Kong is still not eligible for interest.

Wang Meifeng expects that as Hong Kong and Hong Kong interest rates will widen further, the second half of Hong Kong will be in the second half of the year, and the interbank interest rate will rise first. According to the mainstream, the interest rate is higher than the increase in interest rate Is a mild, single interest rate factors have little effect on the property market this year. It is estimated that this will only increase up to 0.25 per cent this year and up to 0.25 per cent at the end of this year.