Cheung Sha Wan plate 2.278 million admission this year, the city’s most flat 57 weekly tickets

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Investor Lu Hua’s Sham Shui Po AVA 61, the smallest unit area of ​​only 150 square feet, than a Tesla Model X is also fine, this model room size is about 161 square feet The Yesterday announced the first price of real estate, involving 57 units, admission units for the practical area of ​​150 square feet of the third floor of the C, D room open households (two with the price), priced 300.9 million yuan. Deducted the highest 8% for the concession, the discount of 2.768 million yuan, folding real estate price of 18,453 yuan, the unit price, for the recent urban flat new disk.

The AVA61 is located at 61 Tai Po Road, Cheung Sha Wan. It is a single block residential building with a total area of ​​150 sq ft to 232 sq ft. The open space and 1 room are open for over 80%. Price list shows that the first batch of 57 units distributed high and low, the area from 150 square feet to 232 square feet range, the price of the price from 300.9 million to 520.8 million, the price of the effective area of ​​the price of 19,699 yuan to 24,422 yuan The

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The “120-day cash offer" payment plan, “180-day discount mortgage" payment plan is available for one-stop payment and the “flexible" payment plan. The most flat unit for the above 3 floor C room, discount price of 2.788 million yuan; the most flat-foot rate unit for the practical area of ​​163 square feet of the third floor of Room B, the unit price of 321.1 million yuan, folding 2.954 million yuan Real estate price of 18,123 yuan.

Developers Vinda to create project planning director Lu Wende said that the first batch of units folded average price of about 20,300 yuan, described as “happy on the price." To discount the price, this trip has 9 to 3 million yuan, all open units discounted in the price of 4 million yuan, the project Saturday from the vote, will depend on the decision to set the date of sale.

The company’s project manager, Cai Renhui, said the market had raised interest rates for two or three years and believed to have digested the relevant factors. The developers also provided buyers with a 70% (P = 5.25%). The other demonstration units will be modeled on the usable area of ​​161 square feet of F room, providing unmodified demonstration units and modified furniture and decoration units, and will be open today.

The thinnest area is fine over Model X

AVA 61 the smallest unit area of ​​150 square feet, may be the smallest unit in Kowloon, the new disk, a new member of the Hong Kong mini disk. Yesterday, Peng Bo has a report on the Hong Kong mini disc, but also to Tesla car area for comparison, referring to these more than 100 feet of mini discs, only the equivalent of a Model X area. There are real estate developers planning to build a small area of ​​only 128 square feet of residential, about the equivalent of the size of a California flower. “Hong Kong’s small apartment prices surged 99% or twice the size of ordinary apartments … the Government’s Home Ownership Scheme has had unexpected results," the report said.

Reported that Henderson earlier launched with Tesla Model X area (161 square feet) similar to the mini-disk, priced slightly less than 500,000 US dollars (about 390 million Hong Kong dollars), the real Tesla Model X in Hong Kong The price of about 150,000 US dollars.