New to sell more than three thousand units set 33 billion exceeded

In the current financial year (from July last year to June this year), more than 3,000 new flats were sold in Hong Kong. The total amount of the new land (00016) More than last year set the 33 billion yuan sales target. New land this year there are at least seven new projects ready to launch, which provides 683 members of the Yuen Long Louhua new car PARK YOHO Genova debut, yesterday has uploaded the book, is expected to announce the first price list next week.

In the second half of the year to push seven sets of 3824 partners

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder said that in the second half of this year is expected to have at least seven new real estate sales, including PARK YOHO Genova, the western half of the mountain Baptist Hill, Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds, North Point Hai Xuan, Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes fourth, Changsha Bay Nanchang Station Meeting Xi latest period and Sha Tin Jiuyong cloud. Part of the project stage development, comprehensive developers and the Lands Department information, the seven new real estate, a total of about 3824 partners.

PARK YOHO Genova, which has been actively selling softly, has opened three existing demonstration units for media visits yesterday, including a refurbishment unit and two standard rooms. Xindi agent Chen Hanlin, general manager, said the project has been uploaded yesterday, the book will be open as soon as possible to the public demonstration units to the public visit. According to the information, PARK YOHO Genova is located at No. 18, Tanwei Road, Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long. It covers 8 deluxe residential units with a usable area of ​​229 to 1873 sq ft and is expected to be in March next year.

Thunder: buy the land without a hurry

Recently, the community concerned about the trend of developers to provide high-yield mortgages to investors, the Thunder to Ho Wentian Tianzhu, for example, the use of developers to provide one or two according to the planned percentage of buyers less than 10%, and that the main program The purpose is to help change the length of the transition period, even if the lender failed to pay the loan within 6 to 9 months after the loan, in general, will be transferred by the bank mortgage, so the risk is not high, that the current mortgage situation is still healthy The

New land has always been a positive investment, but in the face of Chinese investment and other developers aggressive investment, thunder frankly bought “difficult to Zo", he stressed that the new land reserves sufficient for the next five years, “no need for a moment." The group has been conscientious and enterprising, but will strictly adhere to financial discipline. He also believes that the current supply of public housing is not enough, the new government to play, to find new ideas to increase the supply of land to build housing.