Shop diversification of consumers choose to increase

After two or three years of retail model changes, the rent down, the new pattern of shops gradually appear, street business gradually diversified, the local consumer group certainly happy.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle data show that from the third quarter of 2014, that is, the peak of retail rents, to the first quarter of 2017, the core area of ​​commercial shops rent has fallen 46%, an average annual decline of about 20% or more, it is learned that the first half of the shop rent There are adjustments, many industry analysis, shop rent decline has slowed down.

Retail sales in 2014 weakened the core area of ​​rent

When we opened the newspaper, we have recently seen the title of “Causeway Bay Shop", which is still not plummeting. This is a reflection of the need for rent adjustment for 2 to 3 years. Because the shop contract is generally 3 years, while the core areas such as Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui owners, see the retail peak rent is easy, or the contract reduced to two years.

In other words, Hong Kong’s retail sales have weakened from 2014, with millions of monthly rents, twice as many cases of robbery, and some of the most expensive leases in 2014, which are concentrated in the last year to the end of this year. Last year, rented down 5 percent, this year also appeared to fall 6 percent, only reflect the same period, that is, between 2010 and 2014, retailers enthusiastically grab shop sequelae.

Initially, the landlord was willing to pay rent

Individual business as early as last year, why the rent decline has not yet reflected? Because the owners are still heart red, when the retail peak, the rent from hundreds of thousands to more than one million yuan, the owner of course, excited to the recent retail weakened, luxury merchant moved out, the owners initially did not accept a substantial reduction , But would rather empty the shop, but over time, the retail data has shown that the mainland consumer model changes, the former Hao buy is not easy to complex, the owners began to face the reality, accept the rent reduction.

To the recent Causeway Bay Enping Road, a shop as an example, the peak by the watch shop to 1.7 million rental, last year to move out until recently to 600,000 yuan leased out, the rent peak fell more than 6 percent, in fact, the shop rent early Should fall in the last year, but the owners pay Kyrgyzstan for some time, to be reflected only recently.

Retail peak, now enter a new pattern, from the past six months of rental transactions, it is not difficult to find the types of tenants more diversified than the past, the grade is no longer concentrated in the watch jewelry store. Retail sales, luxury goods sales tend to be larger, but in the next price, the necessities of life, there is little or even a rebound in the signs, such as Prince Edward Jewelry Watch Chairman Deng Ju Ming mentioned that the last month or two business year It seems that the worst time has passed, but it is almost impossible to get back to the past, unless the owner is making a huge rent, otherwise it will end the individual rent store.

Watches and clocks jewelry shrink, in exchange for more popular consumer business approach. To Causeway Bay, for example, the core area from the Times Square to Sogo Department Store, the main lot for the Russell Street, Kai Road and Enping Road, retail peak, luxury shops everywhere, occupy the area 8 to 9 percent of shops, retail corner , More than a group of shops to pay Kyrgyzstan, until nearly six months before they have been replaced by other businesses, including underwear brand is very active, only in this lot, there have been 5 to 6 lingerie stationed, and sporting goods and other goods To undertake, the tenants are more diversified than before, no longer monotonous.

Luxury contraction popular businessmen approach

More importantly, the local consumer groups can also enjoy the fun of shopping, watches and clocks in the past, jewelry shop owner of the mainland, the local consumers choose less, but with the business of large positions, by the Hong Kong people welcome the brand took the opportunity to stationed, such as the recent popularity of home appliances Dyson, taking advantage of the shop rented rented Causeway Bay Enping Road 3 layer shop, to create the first flagship store in Hong Kong, the brand advertised high intelligence products, shape and exceptional, brand hairdryer, fans are loved by the people of Hong Kong, Hong Kong pedestrian street one more choice.