Deng Chengbo sale of two property intention price of 4.6 billion

Investment market booming, senior investors also took the opportunity to sell the whole property. “Shop King” Deng Chengbo sells all properties in Kwun Tong and Wan Chai, with a total of approximately $ 4.6 billion in intent to attract more than one consortium.

The recent sale of the big hand is very busy, such as Nan Fung to about 30 billion yuan, selling the Wellington The Wellington full commercial buildings, and the other “toy king” Cai Zhiming’s Kowloon City KCP shopping malls, also won the mainland consortium bid nearly 5 billion yuan to the end , Is expected to change hands in the short term, plus last month there have been two commercial king, so that commercial property attention.

This year in the market the most active investors, certainly non-Deng Chengbo must, less than six months has been spent more than 5 billion yuan into the market, the purchase of multi-storey shops, hotels, etc., such as the recent purchase of about 200 million yuan Causeway Bay Lee Garden Road, $ 400 million for the whole of Tsuen Wan. Nearly a year of Bo Shu rarely sell goods, now see market conditions, that is, the introduction of two large property tender. First Pacific Davis Investment Senior Director Fang Yongqing pointed out that the wave of this year has been a large sum of money into the market, in order to achieve the arrival of goods such as rotation, is the introduction of two property tender, respectively, Kwun Tong Industrial Street 1 and Wan Chai Prince Hotel The

Kwun Tong Camel Paint Center intended price of 24,000

She said that the price of the Camel Paint Center, No. 1, Industrial Street, Kwun Tong, was at a price of $ 2.88 billion. The closing date was August 9. The project is located at the junction of Kwun Tong Kai Yeung Road and Sung Yeung Street. The building is 6 stories high and has a floor area of ​​about 16,000 to 23,000 square feet. The gross floor is about 120,000 square feet and the price is about 2.88 million yuan. Million yuan. Looking for information, Deng Chengbo in 2014, to 1.08 billion yuan to buy camel paint center, the latest intention price price nearly twice.

Fang Yongqing pointed out that the project has the greatest advantage is approved for the use of shops, the latest approval, the floor up or down, while the ground floor to increase the value of higher. She also pointed out that the project will be installed after the escalator elevator, can be used as shopping malls and Ginza Square, is expected to rent all the rent, the monthly rental income of more than 7.7 million yuan. Another program can be a banking center. “There are still many large banks in the Mainland which are not available in Hong Kong and can be purchased or rented as a group center.”

The former Prince of Wan Chai Hotel can be transferred to commercial development

In addition, Deng Chengbo also marked Wan Chai Jaffe Road 297 to 305 full of property, formerly known as the Prince Hotel, the intention price of about 1.68 billion yuan, will be July 11 cut, the floor area of ​​about 86,000 square feet, the intention price of about 1.68 billion Yuan, the price of about 19,000 yuan. She said that the property sales in Wan Chai were also rare and the property could be diversified, including for hotel use. The property was sold together with the newly approved hotel plans. The number of rooms was 193, with an average value per room 870 million, in addition to hotel use, but also can be converted into office space. Mr Bau was deployed last year, and last year he purchased a total of 41 parking spaces from the DBS Bank of China at Wan Chai Gloucester Road for $ 85.28 million.

The parking lot is next to the sale of the Sheffield Road 297 to 305 property, so the future if the use of commercial buildings, is expected to increase the parking spaces, so that the property more attractive.