Tsim Sha Tsui old building Shen Qiang worth 24 million

The acquisition of the old building in Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsim Sha Tsui, by a senior investor, has just applied for a project after the acquisition of more than 9% of the title. Acquisition. Project valuation of about 240 million yuan.

Canberlas Road 5-storey is only one group is not sold

The old building is 2 and 2A of Canberrais, belonging to the 5-storey building, aged 61 years, investors Wu Zhenke or related parties as early as five years ago began to actively acquire, and last year’s success at a high price of 420 million yuan After the purchase of a group of residential and ground floor, the successful acquisition of 9 into the right to apply for a strong shot.

The applicant is Tianwei International Real Estate and Real Estate Co., Ltd. two, the directors are Wu Li, belong to the son of Wu Zhenke.

According to statistics, the site area of ​​2,033 square feet of the site can be calculated at 22 times the plot ratio, can be built 28,000 square feet. The project market is valued at about $ 240 million, or about $ 8,571 per square foot. Wu has also purchased the old buildings of 1 and 1A of Canberrais Road, which is estimated to be redeveloped. The four sites will be about 4,200 sq ft and the gross floor area will be about 50,400 square feet.

It is worth noting that the old group has the last group of small business rights for the veteran developers Yu Taixing, as early as 1982 to 600,000 yuan to purchase units.