Tai Kok Tsui Hong Chong Fang Gu 33 sets of cash is 100 million

(A288) under the big corner Tsui Hong Chongfang yesterday on sale, the first day to sell 33, cash 100 million yuan.

23.68 million entry start-ups

Hong Yingwei, vice president of Acer Capital, pointed out that the company will be named for the Hong Chong Fang, a total of 242 units, 7 into a unit area of about 300 square feet below, and provide independent toilets, etc., for start-ups, The building will be a business center, the top floor for the air garden, the remaining floors each layer to provide about 16 units for sale.

Pricing, the developer is currently selling 10 units on the 12th floor, from 273 to 464 square feet, the admission fee of about 2.368 million yuan, from 7,841 yuan per foot price, the most detailed 12 rooms 12 rooms, an area of about 273 square Feet, priced at 2.368 million yuan, about 8,925 yuan per square foot price. Hong revealed that there was a floor on the high floor of the project. In the case of a discount, the developer will provide a 5% discount if the option is made, and a maximum of 70% of the mortgage will be offered, with a P plus 1% (6% real interest rate). If the whole item is sold, yuan.