Bank of America Center made a record high of 53,700 projects

The Grade A commercial building is booming, and the price of the core area in Central has exceeded 50,000 yuan. It has become a normal state. The US Bank Center has a high-level unit with an area of ​​only over 1,000 square meters. It is easy to change by 55 million yuan, and the price is close to 54,000 yuan. The price of the building was the second highest.

According to the news, Bank of America Center, Room 35, Building 35, with a building area of ​​1023 square feet, has a transaction price of 55 million yuan and a price of 53763 yuan. The unit will be sold in the form of Jiaoji, with a market value of 100 yuan, and a return of about 2.2%. The original owner purchased in 2004 for 0.6053 million yuan, holding goods for 14 years, and the book made a substantial profit of 48.974 million yuan, an appreciation of 8.1 times.

More than 100 million transactions in the entire floor of Yijing Plaza

The highest unit of the Bank of America’s current price is the full floor of the 23rd floor sold last month. The building area is 13,880 square meters, with a turnover of 750 million yuan, and the price is about 54035 yuan.

In addition, Changsha Bay Yijing Plaza also recorded a large amount of transactions, the full floor of the 25th floor, the total construction area of ​​about 10232 square feet, the transaction price of 103.5 million yuan, the price of 10115 yuan.

In respect of the bunks, the market pointed out that the pavilions C and D of the Lucky Building, 78-84 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei, were connected to the attic, with a change of $98 million. The underground building area of ​​the shop is about 1,875 square feet, with the same area of ​​attic, the total construction area is about 3,750 square feet, calculated at the transaction price, the price is 26,133 yuan. The shop is now rented to the tea restaurant for 170,000 yuan, with a return of about 2.1%. The original owner purchased it for 36.63 million yuan in 2010, and the book profit was 61.37 million yuan, an appreciation of 1.7 times.

In addition, the entire building of Building A, 12-12, Tai Hang Kwai Street, which was listed last year, was registered for sale at $117.7 million. The property has a 6-storey building with two floors and 10 residential units. The total usable area is 5005 square meters. The transaction price is about 23,516 yuan.