Central Plains commission income of 1.72 billion quarterly record

The property market is hot, Zhongyuan Real Estate and Midland Realty Group (01200) are the two leading real estate agent commissions, and they distribute the second season bonus to the logistics staff. The Central Plains distributes a maximum of 1.69 months of bonuses, and the United States can receive a maximum of 1.6 months.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that commission income for the second quarter recorded 1.72 billion yuan, a record high for the quarter. The Hong Kong residential division also recorded a new record for commissions in May and June.

Midland’s highest quarterly 1.6 months bonus

According to the profit distribution mechanism, the whole line of logistics will be awarded 1.13 months of bonuses in the second quarter of 2018, and the director level or above will be 1.69 months, a 23-quarter high, and a bonus of more than 12 million yuan.

Midland Group and Midland Industrial and Commercial Store (00459) also announced that they will issue a second season bonus to all logistics and frontline staff. The employees of China Midland Group can receive a maximum of 1.6 months of bonuses; the United States Industrial and Commercial Bureau will send a maximum of 0.55 months. Together with the bonus calculations already distributed in the first quarter, Midland Group’s full-line logistics and frontline civilian staff will receive a maximum of 2.05 months of bonuses in the first two quarters of this year, and the Midland Industrial and Commercial Department will be awarded a maximum of 1.15 months.

Huang Jingyi, vice chairman of Midland Group, said that although the pressure on interest rate hikes continued to increase in the second half of the year, the market is expected to continue to prosper under the ample market capitalization and strong demand. The annual property price will increase by at least 15%. She said that the new disk has the opportunity to speed up the sale due to the new housing policy, stimulating first-hand trading.