Midland Central Plains employees have bonus points

The market conditions are good, and the commissions that rely on commissions for their livelihood are naturally directly benefited. The two leading banks distribute bonuses to the logistics staff. Among them, the Midland Group and the Midland Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced that they will issue this year’s first-line logistics and frontline staff. 2 season bonuses, among which Midland Group employees can receive a maximum of 1.6 months of bonuses; Midland Industrial and Commercial Bureau will send a maximum of 0.55 months, the group’s vice chairman Huang Jingyi said that although the global stock market fluctuated greatly due to trade wars in recent months, it is unimpeded The property market is booming, and it is expected that the annual property price will at least increase by 15%. In addition, Zhongyuan Real Estate’s full-line logistics will be issued in the second quarter of this year for 1.13 months and 1.69 months (director level or above) bonus, a 23-quarter high, Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of the residential department of the Central Asia Pacific, said that this year’s property market Still steady and rising.