Yi Yi Wan 8 price 13228 opened 25% lower

Yi Yi Wan 8 price 13228 opened 25% lower

A new round of rushing war broke out in Tai Po. The 8th day of the approval of the pre-sale of the company was announced. The developer issued the first 108 price list last night, and the average price was reduced. As low as 13228 yuan, the price is lower than the first batch of the second batch of the second round of the previous issue of the price list, the offer price is nearly 25% lower, and the new and second-hand bids for the same district bidding are as low as 40%. The project’s discounted entrance fee is 6,073,800 yuan, and the individual unit’s discounted price is only 12088 yuan, which is the new low price in the Baishijiao District in recent years.

Two rooms with 6.07 million admissions

Yihao Bay 8 is a low-speed low-cost push, which seems to be directed at China Overseas (00688) in the same district is preparing for the second round of sales, due to the average price of the discounted to the latest batch of additional units The price of 13350 yuan is still flat, and the two sets are facing each other.

Yi Yi Wan 8 exhibited the 2 room demonstration unit for the first time yesterday. The first 108 price list was issued at night. The speed was unexpected. The first batch of units was 490 square meters to 779 square meters, with an average price of 16,633 yuan. The developer offers a maximum discount of 20.5%, and the average price of the discount is reduced to 13228 yuan, of which the flat is the 3rd floor of Room 3C, the D room of 1st floor, the practical area is 490 square meters, the two rooms are separated, and the discounted price is 6,073,800 yuan. 12,396 yuan.

Compared with July 2018, Xindi (00016) sold the first 128-dollar price of the first phase of Yunhui in the same district, which was 23.9% lower than the actual price of 17380 yuan. And Yijing’s Hairiwan Phase I, the average transaction price of the two markets was about 23,000 yuan and 19,000 yuan, and the Yihao Bay 8 was significantly lower by 42.8% and 31.2%.

Yi Yi Wan 8 “price" sale, not a new plate in the Baishijiao District, even intercepted the first round of sales to obtain a clear score after the two points of the diamond, Tianzhu announced in the past Saturday and Sunday The two price lists, the average price of the discount has risen above 13,000 yuan, the latest batch of 162, the average price of the fold is 13,350 yuan. Yiyi Bay 8 hit the low price yesterday, and it seems to be deliberately vying for the purchasing power of Tianzhu. The taste of the confrontation is extremely strong.

Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of the company’s sales department, said that the project was launched at a super happy price and is expected to be released as soon as next week. Located at No. 1 Research Road, Baishijiao, Tai Po, it offers 528 groups of 490 square meters to 1688 square meters. It is expected to enter the country at the end of June 2021.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman of Zhongyuan Real Estate Asia Pacific, pointed out that the average price of the first batch of Yihaowan 8 was 13228 yuan, and the price was about 20% compared with the new one sold in the same district last year. It can be seen that the developer hopes to sell a Q bag. The price is restrained. The first batch of 76 people and two-bedroom households can absorb the passengers on board.

Carmel raises 6% and pushes 22 people

In addition, the average price of the real estate was more than two years. The first batch of new low-priced Yongtai Real Estate (00369), The Carmel, Tuen Mun, pushed a new price list yesterday, involving 22 units, with an average price of 11,564 yuan. The first price list was increased by 6.1%, and the saleable area was 279 square meters to 805 square meters, with a price of 3.984 million to 9.275 million yuan.