Adjacent to the world-class Chuangke core base, the new economy leads talents to bring the potential for property appreciation

Adjacent to the world-class Chuangke core base, the new economy leads talents to bring the potential for property appreciation

In recent years, the global economic and industrial environment has undergone a structural transformation. The influence of the science and technology enterprises on the macro economy has become higher and higher. Local governments are vying to allocate more resources to develop high-tech, investing a large amount of research and development funds and setting aside land for development of the Science Park. Benefiting from the convergence of high-tech talents and the growth of new economy, the property prices in the region have soared. The SAR government is also actively catering to the trend of science and technology. The policy address has spent a lot of time promoting various policies for scientific research. It is determined to build a science park and become a global science-generating hub. Together with the support of the state, the future will attract national scientific research talents to live in the area. Property prices have great potential for appreciation.

Science and technology enterprises gather high-paying talents to drive property prices

To analyze the relationship between technology companies and property prices, look at several technology-related cities in the United States: Mountain View, where Google is headquartered, with a median house transaction of about $1.7 million in 2018, an increase of 70% compared with two years ago. %; In the San Jose area where Apple Computer is located, the median transaction price of homes in 2018 was about $1.18 million, an increase of 33% in the past two years; and Amazon and Microsoft headquarters are located in Seattle, which is known as the second Silicon Valley in recent years. The median house transaction in 2018 was about $730,000. Although it is much lower than Mountain View and San Jose, the price increase is the highest in the top 20 cities in the US last year. From the above examples, it is no wonder how technology companies can drive the property market. When Amazon wants to build a second headquarters outside of Seattle, it will attract more than 100 cities to bid.

Even if Shenzhen is close at hand, the impact of high-tech industry on property prices is obvious. At present, there are more than 20 well-known unicorn companies, and OPPO and Huawei are also bringing their international headquarters and their own research centers. Established in Shenzhen, the current Shenzhen Nanshan High-tech Park is similar in size to the Silicon Valley in the United States. It has a very comprehensive package. In addition, Shenzhen has a large number of innovative university students. In order to absorb talents, the company has set up headquarters or R&D centers. Set in Shenzhen, the income of young talents set up in Shenzhen technology companies has soared. The average annual salary of Tencent employees is 787,500 yuan, and the average annual salary of Huawei employees is about 680,000 yuan. These high-income groups have created a non-profit group. The usual purchasing power is one of the reasons why the price of Shenzhen continues to rise.

Science Park World-class Creative Branch Core Base

As a local all-round venture capital base, the Science Park is committed to building a core base for the development of the company. The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, has proposed in the 2017 Policy Address to promote the development of Hong Kong’s science and technology at the highest level, including the expansion of the Science Park. It will be completed in 2020. After the completion of the third phase, the total floor area will increase to 3.5 million square feet to further improve the infrastructure. This year’s Budget also proposes to allocate 10 billion yuan to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to build scientific research. With facilities and infrastructure, and more support for tenants and nurturing companies in the park, Science Park has clearly become one of Hong Kong’s key projects to become a world-class Chuangke core base.

With the support of the policy, the Science Park successfully produced the artificial intelligence “unicorn" enterprise of Shangtang Technology. In addition, last year, President Xi Jinping made important instructions in order to promote Hong Kong and the Mainland to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation and support Hong Kong as an international company. Innovative Technology Center, and then the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the SAR Government signed a memorandum to arrange for the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health and the Beijing Institute of Automation to settle in the Hong Kong Science Park, making it a key project for the development of the Dawan District, in addition to continuing to be local The new economy has contributed and encouraged outstanding scientific talents from all over the country to come to Hong Kong. Just as the development of US technology cities has not only brought a large number of employed people to stimulate the rental market in the region, but also boosted the income of families in the region. It is not difficult to imagine the science park. At the port of Tolo, the future property prices will appreciate indefinitely.

Traffic links across the country

As the focal development zone of the New Territories East, the Science Park is close to the major transport network. It takes only 3 minutes and 10 minutes to reach MTR University and Sha Tin Station. It will take the East Rail Line to the south to the heart of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. It is convenient to go north to the mainland, plus the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail section in Hong Kong. The former has shortened the port of Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai to 45 minutes, while the latter only takes 19 minutes and 48 minutes to reach Shenzhen North Station and Guangzhou. South Station, as the State Council Vice Premier Han Zheng’s speech in August last year directed the construction of the “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau” Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. The Science Park has benefited from two unprecedented cross-border infrastructures. Mature conditions have become the center of international innovation and technology.

To be an unparalleled ideal stopover, it is essential to complement the mature community. The Science Park is adjacent to Sha Tin Racecourse, Sha Tin and Tai Po shopping malls and the Hong Kong Golf Club to create a half-hour quality living, clothing, food and shelter. The maturity of all aspects of the line, saving time in shopping and leisure time in other areas, allows people to have more time to enjoy life.

Cultivate outstanding scientific research talents

It can attract the attention of major technology companies, not only in infrastructure and transportation facilities. The Science Park is close to many elite colleges, which makes the education in the leading position in the region, thus nurturing top talents and providing a large talent network for science and technology enterprises. I have to mention the Chinese University. Last year, I won the 10th and 7th respectively in the two important academic rankings, the QS World University Asia Ranking and the Thames World University (THE) Asia. I have always provided the best training for local scientific research. soil. The Malvern College, known as the “cradle of the Nobel Prize", has also established the Hong Kong Malvern International School, which gave birth to the 1922 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Francis William Aston. And the school of James Edward Meade, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1977, was launched in August last year. The new school building has forty-eight classrooms, four music rooms and five science laboratories. The educational concept of “Knowledge Journey", the school building has an open library spanning three floors, providing students with an optimal learning environment. Others such as the Hong Paradise International School, the Hong Kong Japanese School Tai Po School, the Norwegian International School, the Hong Kong American School, and the Eaton International Kindergarten are also within easy reach, making the area a cradle for leadership development.

Resting on natural sensing life

Of course, those who have visited the port of Tolo Harbour are all swayed by its beautiful landscapes. They are surrounded by vast expanse of Tulu Harbour, overlooking the green hills of Baxian Ridge, and the natural conditions of Tai Po Estate and Kau To Shan. The beautiful scenery is surrounded by the green mountains and clear waters of the dusty, calmly watching the breath of nature, allowing the details of life to settle, living in the present and blending into the laws of nature. If you like sports, you can choose to enjoy the peaceful and peaceful bay on the Tolo Harbour seaside promenade, relax and run, let the sun shine on the skin, or choose to ride a bicycle to explore the coastal path connecting Sha Tin to Tai Po. Wash the mind in the abundance of nature and balance the pace of daily rapids.

Finale masterpiece continues classic

After reading all the above advantages, it is inevitable that people will have the desire to buy a home in the area. The Yi Yi Wan 8 developed by Sino Land is located in the prefecture of Tolo Harbour. It is the finale of the Yi Yi series. The whole project consists of 3 buildings, providing a total of 528 units, with 2 to 4 rooms. The unit has a usable area ranging from 490 to 1238 square feet. The height of the floor is 3.4 meters. All units have separate kitchens. The interior design is stylish and exquisite, and it is dedicated to improving the taste of life.

With 18,000 square feet of luxury clubhouse, the clubhouse is fully equipped, including a large 50m outdoor garden pool, a large 25m indoor heated pool, outdoor garden, barbecue park, children’s play world, parent-child small farm, fitness room, yoga and multi-function The activity room and the shared living interaction area create a new way of life in the new generation. All units are equipped with independent Wifi switches, and a large number of smart living packages are available inside and outside the house, including electronic residence permit, QR code visitor pass, automatic air conditioning system, cloud visitor arrival notification, solar power generation, rainwater collection and recycling system, etc. Bringing technology to everyday life and adding more to life.