Dong Tao Court, 9.55 million expensive, Tsuen Wan Home

Dong Tao Court, 9.55 million expensive, Tsuen Wan Home

The property market has climbed to the peak of last year, and the “worth" of HOS flats continues to soar. In the first four months of this year, at least eight HOS flats with a cost of “Nine Balls" or above were produced in Hong Kong. The latest one was from Tsuen Wan Home Ownership, Tai Po Court, and low-rise flats were sold at a premium of $9.55 million. You will definitely be in the Tsuen Wan Home Market.

According to the Land Registry, the latest “Nine Balls" HOS transaction is the 5th floor of the Lower Sheung Wan Court, Block D, Tung Tao Court, with a saleable area of ​​666 sq. ft., 3 flats, which was replenished on the 29th of last month. The land price of 9.55 million yuan changed hands, the price of 14339 yuan, with a difference of 50,000 yuan to defeat the high-rise 5 rooms of Block D of the same housing estate, becoming the most expensive home ownership in Tsuen Wan, according to the original owner’s 2010 land premium price of 350 Ten thousand yuan, about 9 years of book appreciation of 6.05 million yuan (about 1.7 times).

Apart from Dong Tao Court, there has been a shortage of “nine-ball" or above in the second-hand HOS market since this year, including the 3rd floor of Room D, 14th floor, Fu Wing Garden, Mong Kok. The saleable area is 592 square feet. The first month of this month, the land premium was $10.3 million. Out, it became the most expensive transaction in the HOS market this year; followed by the 3rd floor of the H-room of the 2nd floor of the Ya Tao Court in Aberdeen, with a saleable area of ​​577 sq. ft., with a land price of 9.8 million yuan at the beginning of the same month, the owner of the Hong Kong Island House king.

Yu Shengyuan did not pay the price for the first break of five goals

In addition, the source pointed out that the 8th floor of the middle floor of the Fung Shing Court, Block A, Fan Shing Court, Fanling, has a saleable area of ​​645 square feet. The principle of two-bedroom households has just been sold at an unpaid land price of $5.1 million. The price is $7,907. The property price broke the “five-ball" mark for the first time. The original owner did not pay land premium of 926,700 yuan in 2000, and the book earned 4,173,300 yuan (about 4.5 times).

In terms of private buildings, Li Jiabao, deputy division business manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that there is a high-rise 4th room in Block A of Coral Court in North Point. The practical area is 1173 square meters, and the three-bedroom interval is more than two years. The newly-financed parking space is sold at a price of 26 million yuan. The price of 22165 yuan, the property price tied to the record of the stratified unit of the house of the fifth floor of the A high-rise building in May last year, according to the original owner’s purchase price of 7.86 million yuan in 1994, an appreciation of 18.14 million yuan in about 25 years. 2.3 times).

挞 Orders also changed hands in Wang City, Li Jiage Real Estate Co-City Director Zhou Jianqiao said that Changsha Bay Yuqingxuan 6 high-rise Room B, with a practical area of ​​554 square meters, 3 rooms separated, and in February this year, it was sold for 11.28 million yuan. Later, it was booked by the buyer until it was reduced to 11.17 million yuan in recent days. The price of 20162 yuan was lower than the original transaction price by 110,000 yuan (about 1%), but according to the original owner’s purchase price of 6.5 million yuan in 2012. The book still earned 4.67 million yuan (about 71.8%).