Fang Tielin, secretary of the Ganjingzi District Committee of Dalian, talked about continuing to lead the development of the northeastern city

Fang Tielin, secretary of the Ganjingzi District Committee of Dalian, talked about continuing to lead the development of the northeastern city

As the only Northeastern region to be awarded the “2019 China’s Top 100 Innovation Zones" and “2018 China’s Top 100 Districts", Ganjingzi District of Dalian has entered a higher level. The stage of economic development. New era, new journey. How will Ganjingzi District seize the opportunity, take advantage of the momentum, achieve a strong breakthrough at the high starting point, and continue to lead the development of the Northeast urban area? A few days ago, our reporter interviewed Fang Tielin, secretary of the district party committee, on this topic.

Do a good job of two articles

Fang Tielin said that Ganjingzi District, as the largest investment area and the most active development and construction area in the main urban area of ​​Dalian, will adhere to the word “stable" and do a good job of “stable" and “into" to promote Ganjingzi. High quality development of the district. The first is to stabilize the finances. Resolutely implement the central fee reduction and tax reduction deployment requirements to ensure that enterprises enjoy the policy dividends in a timely, convenient and fully enjoyable manner. At the same time, the party committee and government have strengthened the idea of ​​"too tight days", strictly reduced fiscal expenditures, and improved the use of fiscal funds. The second is to stabilize the real estate. Under the tone of “staying in housing and not speculating", we will adjust the amount of land supply and policies according to local conditions, stabilize housing prices, shorten the cycle of de-chemicalization, and guide the healthy and stable operation of the property market. The third is to maintain stability. Adhere to the problem-oriented and effectively reduce the risk of social stability.

In terms of “advance", Fang Tielin said that it is necessary to highlight the “in" character and make up the short board and increase the momentum. First, do a good job in planning and leading. At present, the district is planning to promote the planning of land and space in 2019-2035, comprehensively sorting out and fully considering the industrial layout, space bearing, cultural relics protection, agriculture, forestry and water resources in various regions and fields, and comprehensively research industrial planning, regional planning and space. Planning to achieve multi-regulation. The second is to grasp the kinetic energy conversion. We will accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy with scientific and technological innovation, implement the three-year action plan for innovation drive, and actively integrate into the construction of Dalian Northeast Asia Science and Technology Innovation and Venture Capital Center. Relying on the resources of the Institute of Science and Technology, the Dagong Science and Technology Innovation Base and the Advanced Technology Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology were established. The third is to do a good job of structural adjustment. Continue to promote structural reforms on the supply side, focus on industrial restructuring, and take the path of transformation and development.

Focus on building a modern economic system and promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing, modern service industries and strategic emerging industries. It will improve the chain of high-end manufacturing leading brands such as large ships and offshore industries to form a high-end manufacturing industry cluster. The fourth is to do a good job in project construction. With high-quality services, the project will be launched early, start early, start production early, and be effective early.

Focus on building an “investment magnetic field"

“Investment is a big strategy, big move and big project that is related to the overall situation and long-term development." Fang Tielin bluntly said, “Today’s investment is tomorrow’s development. This is supported by the project. The key is to attract investment." He said that since last year, The region regards investment promotion as the only task, and has established 100 projects under construction and contracting projects with an investment of more than 50 million yuan and 100 “double hundred” targets for reserve projects. Around this goal, the whole region actively prepared and mobilized all the staff, organized the “going out, please come in” key investment activities, and took measures to attract investment.

In order to build a nest for the phoenix, Ganjingzi District also focused on the following tasks. First, efforts are made to improve land utilization. Re-arrange industrial land in the region and combine land and investment intensity. The second is to accurately attract investment around the industrial chain. Comprehensively sort out the equipment manufacturing industry, marine food processing and leading enterprises in the industry, key enterprises, adapt to local conditions, in-depth study and judgment, and do a good job of industrial chain extension and integration. At the same time, we will closely track upstream and downstream enterprises that connect key enterprises, conduct targeted investment promotion, and promote industrial agglomeration development. The third is to seize business and catch services. At the “warm spring action" business conference held in the beginning of the year, the company’s funds of 63 million yuan were honored, and the series of business activities of “Optimizing the Business Environment 12″ was launched to further close the relationship between government and business. Fang Tielin said that in the next step, they will also focus on creating a business environment version 2.0. That is, “addition" is done on the service enterprise project. Do “subtraction" on matters and handling procedures. Using information technology to do “multiplication", we will vigorously promote “one network through", and improve the level of convenience for the people. At the same time, we will create a policy system with regional comparative advantages, increase recruitment and support, and attract high-quality projects with high-quality policies.

Nowadays, the basin where the elements are gathered, the highlands where the industry rises, and the basins with the cost of business are presented in Ganjingzi District, forming an attractive “investment magnetic field”. From the square iron forest mouth, we learned that as of now, the actual funds in place outside the province reached 6.8 billion yuan, and half of the annual target tasks have been completed. Foreign projects such as the US Tesla Direct Service Center, the British Air Theme Park, and the Oriental Art and Creative Township have signed contracts. Obviously, the huge economic advantages, wealth content and investment benefits of Ganjingzi District are already evident. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that the Ganjingzi District, which is striving for progress, will be able to follow the wave of new heights and write a new chapter.