The Kai Tak runway is closed at 5 pm this afternoon

The Kai Tak runway is closed at 5 pm this afternoon.

The residential area (No. 4C1) in Kowloon East Kai Tak, Block 4C, which was originally scheduled to be closed on Friday (14th), was blocked due to the passage to the “Government Headquarters Tender Box" in the east wing of the Admiralty Government Headquarters. Earlier, it was decided to postpone the tender closing. It was announced on Wednesday (19th) that it was closed at 12 noon today. However, the Administration decided last Monday to suspend the opening of the government headquarters. The Central Tender Board announced that the 4C1 site in the runway area was extended to 5 pm today. The tender cut and the tender cut location will be changed to the “Government Logistics Services Tender Box" at the ground floor of the North Point Government Offices.