The subsidized mini-rental is over the private building

The subsidized mini-rental is over the private building. The 3 district is over 20%. The Tseung Kwan O Hin Ming Court is 50.7 per trip.

The mini-funded housing units (hereinafter referred to as mini-family) with a saleable area of ​​less than 220 square meters are popular among single-sex families. However, tenants are required to rent expensive flats. For example, a mini-house in Tseung Kwan O Homes, Sheung Ming Court rents $50.7 per square. Out of the surrounding second-hand private buildings, the rent is more than 37%. The newspaper has a total of 6 mini-countries in Hong Kong. At present, there are only about 4 rent-rents in the territory. The whole area is concentrated in Tseung Kwan O, Ho Man Tin and Tsing Yi. Districts are almost extinct. All the intentions are rented. At least more than 20%.

There are six districts in Tseung Kwan O, Wong Tai Sin, Tsing Yi, Lam Tin, Tuen Mun and Ho Man Tin. They are the districts where more mini-renters are available for rent, but there are not many flats. Yang Jinhe, senior business manager of Hong Kong Real Estate, said that in the case of Tseung Kwan O District, there were at most five mini-houses for rent in July last year. However, the relevant source was introduced in the month of the launch, with an average rent of about 45 yuan, slightly higher than the surrounding second-hand private buildings. . There are about two mini-family rentals in the district this month, but one of them is an open-plan unit in the 11th floor of the first floor of the Sheung Ming Court. The saleable area is 213 square feet. The owner only rents about 10,800 yuan per month for about one week. Out, rent 50.7 yuan.

Public housing Jinglin Village is called to rent 9,000 yuan

Zhongyuan real estate information, the private buildings around Xinmingyuan, such as Xinbao City, the recent transaction rents are less than 40 yuan, of which 4 high-rise D room two-bedroom, the practical area of ​​434 square feet, monthly rent of 16,000 yuan, the rent is only about 36.9 Yuan, the above-mentioned Xianmingyuan mini unit rental is about 37.4% more expensive.

Yang Jinhe said frankly that the subsidy for mini-rental rents is lower than that of private buildings. “The majority of hackers are rented and rented enough to rent. They are usually rented for one to two weeks, and tenants include a single OL, etc. Because there are not many sources, support for such units can be rented at a higher level.

In Tseung Kwan O District, only the last mini-renter is currently available. Xu Haohui, Senior Co-Director of Lijiage Real Estate, pointed out that the unit is a high-rise open-plan household of 6 Jingtaolou public housing estates. The utility area is 164 square meters. 9,000 yuan, the intention to rent up 54.9 yuan, compared with the neighboring private building Xinducheng 6 high-rise G room two-bedroom, the practical area of ​​364 square feet, the recent transaction rent 41.2 yuan, also high 33.3%.

The mini-renter in Tsing Yi District is also rare to buy. Li Guanlan, the chief senior sales manager of Midland Realty, analyzes that the monthly rent for such rents usually does not exceed 10,000 yuan. The private buildings in the same district (except the village houses) basically do not have such silver. The source of the code wheel is so strong, especially “there are a lot of children who want to rent, and usually rent out when they are unbearable.” At present, the only mini-user rental in the area is located in the open-plan household of the 15th floor of the Anpo Building, Block 7, Chang’an Village, public housing. The saleable area is 212 square meters. It is renting for 9500 yuan per month. The intention is to rent 44.8 yuan. The average rent of the building such as Tsui Yee Garden is about 34.9 yuan and 28.4% higher. If it is successfully leased out, according to the landlord’s land premium of 2.9 million yuan last year, the return is about 3.9 percent. Ho Man Tin has two mini-family rentals. It is located at Kwun Tong Court, which is about $64 to $70.4. It is about 23.3% to 35.6% higher than similar private flats.

Wong Tai Sin Lam Tin Estate

The three districts of Wong Tai Sin, Lam Tin and Tuen Mun have already disappeared. Pan Wei, the real estate division manager of Fu Cheng Real Estate, said that Wong Tai Sin had about 7 similar rentals at the peak of the Lunar New Year this year, but it has been fully digested and sold. The monthly rent is 8,000 to 9,000 yuan, and the rent is about 50 yuan. The last such rent in recent months has also been rented out in April.