Although the property market has turned quiet, but the featured households have frequently recorded new high turnover

Although the property market has turned quiet, but the featured households have frequently recorded new high turnover. Following the recent double-family cost and the price of “double-breaking" in Victoria Harbour in Tai Kok Tsui, the district’s Olympic Station, the cypress bay, was also born under the King. The cost was as high as $62.8 million and the price was nearly $31,900. Court price and price record.

Guan Yingxian, senior regional manager of Midland Realty, said that the top penthouse of Dibo Bay has a utilitarian area of ​​1969 square meters, with 85 square platform, insider management, enjoy sea view, and win the buyer of large units in the area, to 6280 The purchase price of 10,000 yuan, the price of 31,894 yuan, the property price and the price of the same high with the housing estate. The original owner invested 3,364.75 million yuan in 2013, and transferred the book to make a profit of 26.33225 million yuan, an appreciation of 72%.

More than 20,000 SKYPARK in Mong Kok

According to HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank’s online valuation system, the current valuation of the unit is 58.61 million yuan, that is, the new buyer’s shot is 4.19 million yuan (about 7.1%).

In addition, Mong Kok SKYPARK price has broken 20,000 yuan, Li Jinge real estate senior regional director Chen Zhenyu pointed out that SKYPARK middle and high-rise D3 room, the practical area of ​​310 square feet, open interval, the original price of 6.4 million yuan, after the buyer negotiated price of 6.3 million yuan Change hands, the price is 20,323 yuan. The original owner purchased 5.142 million yuan in 2016, and the additional stamp duty (SSD) expired within a three-year period. The book earned 1.176 million yuan, an appreciation of about 23%.

For the HOS flats, the owners reduced the price of the goods. Wei Shiliang, manager of the 21st Century Property Branch, revealed that the 11th floor of the Baobaige, Block B, Baomingyuan, Tseung Kwan O, has a usable area of ​​535 square meters. The original plan is a one-bedroom unit, to the northeast, the original owner. The monthly asking price was 5.2 million yuan. After being negotiated by foreign buyers, this Wednesday (19th) was reduced to 4.84 million yuan and the land price was not replenished. The decrease was about 6.9% and the price was 9047 yuan. In 1998, the original owner purchased the unpaid land price of 806,000 yuan, earning a book of 3.034 million yuan (about 5 times). The first floor of the same floor of Baomingyuan has the same area. In April this year, the unpaid land price was 5.02 million yuan, reflecting that the unit cost was 180,000 yuan (about 3.6%).