Tai Po Kau 3 farmland 96 million hand

Tai Po Kau 3 area of ​​more than 80,000 square feet of agricultural land 13 years ago by a pair of mother and daughter to oppose the right to invade the reasons, from the hands of the Henderson (00012) won. The land rose to $ 1,610 a month at $ 960 million.

Originally Hengde had been violated by power

The land is located near the Tai Po Tsuen Wong Yu Shan and the Pinnacle Court. It is currently residential C and has a plot ratio of about 0.6 times and a total of about 87 000 sq ft of land. According to the Land Registry, the land changed from $ 96 million to an average price of $ 1,103.

The search data show that as early as 2004, a pair of mother and daughter pointed out that the land has occupied more than 20 years, and the right to infringement as a reason to obtain land titles, can not recover land.

The new buyers for the Star Granville International Limited, the company director Lin Guowei, not yet know whether the new buyer is a constant connected persons, or third-party buyers.

There are many development projects in the future. Such as Tianbei Jun’s family Wan Tai in September this year to 323 million yuan to vote in Tai Po Kau residential land, can be built 5,800 square feet, the floor price of 5,506 yuan. In addition, the group also in July last year to 1.18 billion yuan to buy another land in the same area.