Jinhai II first half of the sale to the day onwards

(00016) its Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes 4B phase Jinhai II, launched the first batch of 227 guys on Sunday, the developer yesterday to implement the full arrangement of this Sunday (the new record sales, 22), of which 120 will be awarded to Jin Wei to the righteous person to subscribe, and the same line Tuen Mun Pu Yu yesterday to push a new price of a total of 38, fold the average price of 14,100 yuan per ton, issued in May this year The price is slightly higher by 2%.

Xin Han, general manager of the new agency Chen Hanlin said that due to the large number of Jinhai to the corner, the group decided to Jinhai II first round of sales in the ad hoc F group sorting process, which will be 120 for Jin Hai to the righteous customer priority subscription, and immediately followed by Group B Buyers flats, the remaining units of the day F group will be allocated to the B group for sale.

Pu Yu plus push 38 raise price 2%

Market sources said that as of yesterday the cumulative accumulation of more than 2,800 votes, more than 227 over the introduction of more than 11 times. Located in the Cangcheng Road on the 1st of the Jinhai II to provide a total of 1132, the effective area of ​​321 to 934 square feet, is expected to December 31, 2019 into the occupation, the first price of the average price of about 14,600 yuan.

In addition to the first sale of Jinhai II, Chen Hanlin said, Jinhai also launched a Jinhai Tianchi housing units and a top four rooms with special platform in the tender this weekend. In addition, the same Department of North Point Hai Xuan is the fastest deployment at the end of this month for sale, its Shaodian Jiupongshan cloud is the final stage.

The other side of the car, with the Department of Tuen Mun Po Yu-month since the beginning of the cumulative increase in the cumulative sales of 12 groups, the developer yesterday to push a new 38-card price, the effective area of ​​310 to 678 square feet, fold the average price of 14,100 yuan, May this year issued a slight increase in the price of 2%, to be issued sales arrangements. Xindi agency business unit general manager Zhang Zhuo Xiu-min that, after the push of the two rounds of sales to sell near, so the original price plus push 38, discount price of 435.86 million to 996.66 million, the market value of more than 230 million yuan.