Kang Yi 2 room 8.5 million sale low valuation 2.11 million

In recent months, the second-hand property market continued to be weak, and the smallholders’ bargaining space continued to expand. The price of the 2 bedroom units in Kangyi Garden of Quarry Bay was changed by 1.1 million yuan, and the low bank valuation was 2.11 million yuan.

Yang Wenjie, the chief division manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, revealed that Kangyi Garden has not been sold since September, and the owner’s bargaining space has risen. For example, the 15th high-rise 15 rooms, the practical area of ​​466 square feet, 2 rooms spaced. The owner called the price of 9.6 million yuan. After the price reduction of 1.1 million yuan yesterday, the unit was sold for 8.5 million yuan and returned to the transaction price level in March. For the same type of transaction unit is the high-rise 2 room of Block R, the transaction price is 8.4 million yuan.

The bank’s valuation of the site yesterday was still $10.61 million, reflecting the owner’s low bank’s 2.11 million sales. According to the data, the original owner purchased the unit for 1.27 million yuan as early as 1991. Although the price was greatly reduced, the book still earned 7.23 million yuan.

New Baocheng low-rise 5.88 million for sale

On the other hand, the cost of two urban housing estates fell below $6 million, including a low-rise F room in Tseung Kwan O New Po Shing Estate, with a saleable area of ​​377 square feet, with a change of $5.88 million. Secondly, Ngau Tau Kok Amoy Garden B The middle floor of the 4th room, the practical area of ​​375 square feet, the initial price of 6 million yuan at the beginning of the month, after the reduction of 470,000 yuan, with a turnover of 5.53 million yuan, the price of 14,747 yuan, lower than the valuation of more than 10%.

In addition, the price of Jiahu Mountain Villa fell below 10,000 yuan again. Central Plains real estate sub-regional business manager Ma Lili revealed that Jiahu Villa 3, Phase 4, high-rise A room, with a practical area of ​​636 square feet, 3 rooms separated, looking outside the Central Park landscape, is a quality unit, after the owner reduced the price by 100,000 yuan, With 6.3 million yuan, the unit was sold at a price of 9,906 yuan.

According to the Land Registry, the H-room of the 11th floor of Phase 1 of the same housing estate has a usable area of ​​557 square feet. It was sold for 5.17 million yuan a day ago. The price of 9,282 yuan is the flattest price.

As for the public housing market, Fu Cheng Real Estate Lin Bairong said that the 19th floor of the C building of Caixia Village, Niutoujiao, has a practical 485 sq. ft., originally called the price of 3.8 million yuan, just reduced the price by 700,000, and changed hands to 3.1 million yuan (not replenished land price). The price was 6,392 yuan, and the price was back to the level of September last year.