The policy is No. 81, Bai Jianshi Road.

The policy (00497) to sell the Jardine’s Mountain Emperor is on the verge of another, and the other side immediately sells the house of No. 81, Baijianshi Road. The city has a total of about 800 million yuan, and the company has earned 100 million yuan for more than one year. Yuan left the field.

House 9185 呎 can build 5511 呎 floor

There is a market for luxury homes. The property is located at No. 81, Bai Jian Shi Road. The property was originally held by the former Shanghai Fushang Zhou Zhengyi and Mao Yuping and resold to the capital strategy in 2017. It is reported that the site has been successfully resold in recent days. The property covers an area of ​​9,185 square feet. It can be built at a floor area ratio of 0.6 times and can be built with a floor area of ​​5,511 square feet.

The city’s property was sold as a company’s equity transfer. The transaction price was about 800 million yuan, and the land price per floor was as high as 145,000 yuan, which is expected to hit a new high in the price of the mountain.

A new high of 145,000 per sho

The capital strategy was purchased at 535 million yuan last year and purchased in the name of the company. At that time, it was necessary to pay up to 30% of the hot tax, involving a tax of about 160 million yuan, and the total cost was nearly 700 million yuan. The resale account earned about 100 million yuan to leave the market.

However, if the new buyer succeeds in rebuilding the property in the future, it is believed that the hot taxation involved will be refunded, and the total cost of entering the market is expected to be reduced.

Jardine’s Lookout is a valuable luxury residential area on Hong Kong Island. It has been highly sought after by celebrities such as Liu Shaoxiong, the shareholder of Huazhi (00127), Zhang Songqiao, chairman of Zhonghao Land (01224), and Hu Yingxiang, chairman of Hehe Industrial (00054). Owner.

Although the property market has deteriorated recently, some luxury housing estates still recorded large transactions.

According to market news, the B-room of the 7-story high-rise duplex house in Phase 1 of Beaver Bay, Pokfulam has a saleable area of ​​3,416 square feet. The parking space is sold for 200 million yuan, and the practical price is 58,548 yuan.

The original owner purchased the unit in 2004 with a price of RMB 40.92 million. The current profit-making book has a profit of nearly 160 million yuan, which is nearly four times the profit.