Tung Chung Land Extension Commercial Building Low Floor Building

The policy address was announced at Tin Shui Wai and Tung Chung to build a public market. The site of Tung Chung Market was sited at Tung Chung Station on the lower level of commercial land. It involved about 8,000 square feet. The District Council will discuss it next Monday. Included in the terms of land sales.

District Council next Monday to discuss

In the policy address announced last Wednesday (10th), it was mentioned that the site selection study on the construction of public markets in Tin Shui Wai and Tung Chung was completed. The location of the market in the Middle East was first discussed and discussed by the Islands District Council next Monday. The Tung Chung Public Market Scheme is located at Tung Chung MTR Station. The “commercial" site in Area 6 between the northwest of Fu Tung Shopping Centre is now a traffic interchange. The site covers an area of ​​about 71,000 square feet. The floor is about 5 times. It is estimated that a building with a height of 30 multi-storey buildings can be built. The floor can be built up to about 355,000 square feet, and the market valuation is about 2.84 billion yuan.

After the development of the commercial building, it is expected that the development will be redeveloped into a public transport interchange. The lower floors of the first and second floors will be reserved for the construction of public markets. The market floor will be about 8,000 square feet. Returned to the government for management, as for other floors, it can be used for commercial development such as office building or retail.

Leading market in the district

The document shows that the current population of Tung Chung District is close to 90 000. The Government intends to construct a large-scale public market near the MTR station and the Transport Interchange and adjoin the commercial area to facilitate the residents of the district to purchase their daily needs. In terms of development model, the market will be positioned as a leading market in the district. The stalls will be distributed no more than 2 storeys, providing fresh food such as fish, fruits and vegetables, and each stall will be allocated a reasonable area with wide access and standard Barrier free access, etc.

When the site selection and mode are implemented, the relevant market terms will be included in the land sale clause, requiring developers to set up public markets at the lower levels of the building. It is expected that the relevant research will be completed as soon as next year. The land is expected to be tendered as soon as 2020.