Wan Chai  Rent 42% 升 10.5%

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In the near term, commercial buildings have become the focus of the market. Leasing and trading have tended to be active. A full-floor unit at the Shui On Center in Wan Chai covers an area of ​​22,438 square feet and has just been rented out at $ 42 per sq ft. The increase of 10.5% over the previous rent.

According to sources, the site is an extremely low-rise full-floor unit at the Shui On Center. The new tenant is a government ID card center with a monthly rent of $ 940,000 and an average rent of $ 42 per square foot. The full-length old tenant includes a business center, At that time, the average rent per square foot was $ 38 and the new rent increased by 10.5% over the old rent.

The monthly rent of 940000 yuan

In May this year, Shui On Center also recorded a full-scale leasing. One of the middle and low-rise flats, with an area of ​​22,238 square feet and an average monthly rent of $ 1,030,000, was also rent at $ 46. The tenant is also a government department.

Some agents pointed out that the middle and lower level flats have open landscape. Therefore, the rents are higher than the lowest level and reasonable level. Considering the quality of the flats, comparing the two leasing cases, the rents of the two flats are of similar levels.

Government departments stationed

The Shui On Center between 6 and 8 Harbor Road was completed in 1987. In addition to the government departments, there are foreign surveyors, property management companies, law firms and other listed companies. From 40 to more than 50 yuan level.

Associate Commercial Assistant Operations Director Tang Shao-an said that Unit 06, 18 / F, Emperor Group Center, 288 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, has an area of ​​about 1431 square feet and is now offering an offer price of $ 28.5 million at an average price of about $ 19916 per sq ft.

King Center 28.5 million intention

Deng pointed out that the unit will be sold at a discount. New buyers may choose to use their own property or rent a property after purchasing the property. The building recorded a number of leases during the year. The latest one is for a middle-level flat to be leased at an average leased lease of $ 41 per square meter. As the market is increasingly hungry for rental flats in the area, material rents are available again.

As a matter of fact, as the price of fares in the core area continues to rise, many investors are turning their attention to the relatively under-footed Wan Chai district. As a result, many more top-end transactions, such as a middle-level unit of the Wanchai Bank of East Asia Harbor Center, In August this year, it sold at a price of about 22,600 yuan per square foot, becoming a new indicator of the district. In the same district, a mid-level unit of Yip Fat Building had earlier been swapped for about $ 19,600 per square foot. This shows that there is a market for commercial buildings in the area.