Sweep the property boom in China have one after another boom

The entire commercial sale transactions by foreign funds sweep goods 10 years ago, into today’s Chinese world. Zhen Jun Min believes that the Chinese boom now only began, I believe have come.

The simple property tax system continued to grow

Zhen Jun Min engaged in real estate agency for more than 10 years, is mainly responsible for large property investment. He pointed out that in the past two to three years foreign-invested funds entered the market in Hong Kong again and again. Even though the scale of foreign funds went to the market less than in the past, they still showed interest in property in Hong Kong. “The fund invests in Asian countries, mainly considering the Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. Although the rate of return on property in Hong Kong is relatively low, asset prices have continued to grow, the trading system has also been improved, and the tax system has been simple. Many European and American funds regard Hong Kong as the preferred investment destination for Asia “He said that foreign funds will not seize goods at high prices, but will pay attention to second-tier properties, value-added and re-positioning." Just as the property developer invited a number of well-known fund bidders. "

Domestic enterprises waiting for opportunity to buy Hong Kong property for headquarters

In the past two to three years, a substantial part of the huge market transactions have basically come from the Chinese market. According to his analysis, “The influx of Chinese capital has just begun. Many well-known organizations have not yet set up their headquarters in Hong Kong. Not to mention that some Hong Kong’s less well-known organizations Waiting for the opportunity, Cheung Kei Group, which was not widely known in Hong Kong, last year denounced the all-embracing acquisition of the $ 4.5 billion Hung Hom one harbor gate. "

Due to the booming market this year, he disclosed that the investment in Colliers International had reached a record high. In order to make the future performance even better, it will make more deployments to attract Mainland funds to Hong Kong, including monthly video conferencing with the mainland investment department of the bank, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou colleagues exchange to prepare for the trend of the north water south.